Excuse me if I look confused. First blog on a new page in a new site on a new day … Phew!

So Ive been thinking of this for a while and  I guess this is as good a day as any to  start this  stange creature know as a blog.

Who am I? Everything and nothing in all worlds  I am me. Nothing more nothing less and yes sometime I get to be confusing. Blame my age and blame my parents for my age!

Born to long ago or not, depending on your viewpoint. Got virtually reborn  in a strange world known as Second Life(tm)

This blog I  imagines will be containing  experiences and info  on my virtual going ons. Ive virtually come of age and moved  out of the protecting home  that once was the wonderous Second Life. As one grows up in virtuallity  and times changes  you feel yet again the retrictivness from your “parents”. So as said I moved and found me a new home in InWorldz. Im gonna cover InWorldz  later on  or maybe it deservs a page of its own. Time will tell.

For now  this is as good an  introduction as any and Ill  leave you with that while  I go even  more gray  trying to figure out how to change the layout  here.

As alway

Lady S

2 Responses to “StumbleFumble”
  1. Count Eisenhart says:

    I have good feelings about this blog 🙂

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