“All You Need Is Now”

OOOO.MMMM.GGGG finally finally  its here and as an early pressie from the boys  its  FREE !! ..  yea  you  heard me ..  FREE dl on iTunes  so  there is no excuse for  not getting it .. and if you for one sec think  you  know  Duran  think again. The boys  pulled another magic rabbit  out of their hats … “Back  to  our roots”  were their  clue  they kept  saying  while they were   in studio and Id say  they were spot on .. you think you know what they  meant? NO  chance  unless your psychic  LOL …. or  you might have  Nick Rhodes project  with Stephen “TinTin” Duffy (the Devils “Dark Circles”)  on your shelf (if not.. WHY  not ??? ) cos yes thats where they went …  beyond  their first album.  SCREAMING  originallity  the  song  rings across the universe and trust me  the stars are dancing and rejoicing!!!

Colaborating with  a Duranie (in case you were raised under a stone that is the pet name for a Duran fan LOL ) Mark Ronson, a man and a talent in  his own  right. The  big names are falling over eachother to  get a hold of this genius (Duranies RULESSS Yeaaaah!) and he ask Duran  to be able to  work  with  him…  stick  that in your  pipe, virtual or no, and smoke a tad on  that!! Who cares for stuffy  critics, what do  they know … absolutely nothing, nada, zip. Yea I suspect they are gonna dump on the boys again  but ya know, their fans has been right behind them  for  over 30 years …  count that .. THREE deacades (!!)pretty  boys  pff I dont think so. These men are  bonified genius there is no denying it  and  if you feel  like trying, go to  the corner  and  mumble  to yourself, Ill call  the  wagon for  ya.

Yesterday  I got a link for a preview  to  the other  tracks on the upcomming album. If this doesnt blow the lid of the music industry  I declare  world wide tastelessness (if this is not a word it should  be).

Music is  inovating combined with  old school. Nick  Rhodes plays and tickels the sounds, John Taylor and Roger  gives you  the unmistacable beat . Dom  provides us with  a edgy rifft  (Thank you Andy for your recomendation, we miss your distinct sound on the tracks but you pointed to Dom and  that is enough for me, if  we cant have you)

Pour that in a pot and stir, Ad Simons lyrics, the WordWizard himself, and you  have  something unearthly that not even  J.K Rowlins  can  compete with .

Kudos  boys, you  made us wait and pine  and as usuall you delivered. You have the best fans for one reason  only … cos you are you! Sharing your talents with us and the world!

With all  my admiration and love, our  devotion to  you  will never  fade.



NOTE: iTune seems to have messed up in some  stores,  Certain countries  will  have to pay for the single. Take it from  me its worth every  nickle!  Follow Duran Duran on  Twitter  for any updates on the situation

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