“All You Need is … to “Blame the Machines”

Inspred by John Taylors blog and the fact I got the  iTune album dl Im gonna  attemp giving  a review on  each  song. Step by step  down the list Soooooooooo here gooooooooes ….

Heads up,  a Duranie review of … :

“Blame the Machines”

First off Johns words; http://www.duranduran.com/wordpress/?p=17534 You need to  read  as some references might get lost  if ya dont 😉

Earie start of the album, Nicks forcing  the  synth on  us, like it or not he is the Master , the Emperor, the  Wizard of synth. You can  cover your ears and you can  run  it will  haunt you  and lock you to the  headphones. Doms guitar riff mingles in a way  that makes  your body move  without you knowing it. Now that is the brilliance of music.  Backed by Rogers drums and Johns Bass, this time played on keyboard (Now this I just need to see live!) intertwines the  music  with Simons lyrics. (according to  John based on a story in the news about a  german driver  that got killed  as he  follewd his sat nav up the  wrong turn, wanna bet the voice was female ?)

As the intro  starts and  Simons voice takes controll  I  let out a deep sigh  of relief and smile. THIS is Duran Duran THIS is music THIS is our reason  to  breathe and I send a prayer up above for  this amazing talent!

“Blame the  Machines” is  dark, danceble, sexy and thought provoking. Leaving you  wanting more and more. The abrubt end  hurts as you dont want it to  end, ever!

Im a Duranie  that today  is  extreamly proud  of the men  she has been following  for nearly 30 years. This “love affair” will  never end !

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