“All You Need Is … “Being Followed”

Second on the list is …. “Being Followed” …

Johns  words here; http://www.duranduran.com/wordpress/?p=17580

Initially sounds like Nick  vent balistic  with  his cam  or something got stuck … Nice intro and  makes you  perk your ears cos its sounds  different, Duran  is  known for the  different  sound, dontcha know *winks*  now the russian feel  I dont get that listening but  then I  havent  been  reading any russian fiction. My mind vent to  The Devils (side project of Nick Rhodes  along with  Steven TinTin Duffy) Especially if you  listen  closely to the background. Nicely blended with  Girls on Film. Back to the roots indeed boys, very slick indeed. Top Marks!

I do  wonder what Johns idea of lyrics  was, since he couldnt sell  Simon  on  the  Russian  feel, will we ever get the taste of Johns stab at the lyrics? Simons lyrics is being about  surveilance, Duran  going  political  you  might ask. Somehow I dont  think we need to worry  that Duran  will go all U2 / Bono on us. Simon  will always have his  say and so  it should be. The lyrics are  darker but the music lifts it up so we dont land in the land of depression. Doms guitar is forcefull, Nick  magic is clear on this piece, popcorning moroder to use Johns words, and I agree with  John  on the  James Bond  feel.

So what do we have? Girls on film, James Bond, the Devils, Rio brought together. Classic very classic.

Tips hat at Duran for another masterpiece.

….. to  be continued

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