Virtual Life according to the Lady – Being Born into Vituallity

Now .. LindenLabs new CEO just took his seat in the hot chair, translation; He just started his new job. Rodvik Linden aka Rod Humble (I still think he should have gone with Humble Linden but hey  😉 )

Read his first blog and commented on it as well, ya know me cant keep my mouth shut to save my life in any world. Read my comment back to the bf and he was flabbergasted. “That is a slap in the face … like telling pepsie you drink coke ..etc etc”

This got me thinking. Most people that  are in virtual worlds  have a unique way of looking on virtual reality. Actually there are several categories but Ill  make sure to cover than  on a later blog. Me? Im the “identify with my virtual self” sort of type. Let me explain…. you ready? ..  sitting comfetable? .. better get  some coffee, or wine, or beer or ..  well just get something to drink and we will  begin.

Lady was born  in the lords year of 2006 october 5th in a new world  we know as Second Life. Second life is controlled by the gods called the Lindens. The head god or daddy as some might call him is Philip Linden aka Philip Rosedale. Philip had a childhood dream. He wanted to  be able to build his own world from scratch  and  he grew up as a good little boy and made exactly that happen (google the man  and get the down and dirty on  him 😉 ) He, together with  a close friend of his went forward and created Second Life.

Now in Second life all was nice and shiney. The Lindens  as they were to be known  as henceforward, didnt want to restrict, they didnt wanna “control” they wanted to  let  people freely build  their own world (like little boy Philip has once dreamed of). Low and behold people started flocking to Second Life, spured on by  Daddy Philip  and his dream that he shared with many  worldwide.

Now in the summer of 2006 a well known  band called Duran Duran  stumbled onto this  phenomenon, well  it was their keybordist Nick Rhodes that took an intest in Second Life. They  let their fans know (Duranies)  and of course we  were excited by this  new  thing we could share with them. I was  as well .. yea I know they say  jump and I ask how high  .. moooving swifthly on now …. So I was born  in the summer .. well AlexandraOne was bron, I  really didnt have a clue to  what this was all  about- I quickly ran into problems. My computer couldnt handle Second Life ..  I had black screen. So  as I was about to move (in real life, meaning non virtual move) I didnt have the funds to get me a computer that could handle it so  I paused. In october I was ready to  take another look. Eeeekkkkk my account had been  locked due to a griefer attack  on their servers. Hackers had broken in and Linden Lab had  locked down everything. Support was awfull and I didnt recieve a reply untill much later and by then Lady had taken  hold in Second Life.

Now much like  in the world of the flesh  (the real world as some would say)  when your born  you need to learn basics, walking, talking, social interaction so on and so forth. So that is what I did. Luckily I  had friends already  months old and they  helped me along my bumpy first weeks. I  had also  contracted neumonia so I was prety much confined to  just sitting and therefor had lots of time to  emerge myself in this new world / life.

After I had gotten the walking, talking, my looks, done and sorted  I focussed on the social aspects. As said lots of  friends were there so  I  had a soft start. Much like  being born into a large family already, opposed to  those that start and dont know anyone is more like  being the first born. I grew fast and started to  wander around the  big home of mine and met new people, call them  distant family members. Some nice some not nice some  soulmates and some became  lovers and longlife friends in all my worlds.

Now some say  it takes a town to raise a child so  lets go  with that analogy. Second Life is that town, my birth home. Lady is me in all ways posible, my shape is made from  my flesh shape and I  never change that, anything else I change and have experiemented with . hair, skin (makeup), clothes, types ect ect .

So  I carried on living my life in this  brave new world / town. Met wonderfull people, Bought  regions (parts of the town as it expands)  and started to  rent / sell parts of my town to others  form other parts of the town. We were all  happy happy … then … news broke .. and it wasnt  the good kind …  Toto I  belive we are NOT in Kansas anymore.

Behind the scenes our parents aka the gods aka the Lindens made some crucial decisions that came to change the  world we all lived in and by  that they  changed our lives. Ok Daddy  Linden  wasnt the best business man  in the world, granted. So  they decided to  bring in a new member  to our ever expanding  family .. enter … M Linden! We, well  most of us greeted him wamly, beliving he would help enhance our  little town and  bring in more new members to our family. By this time I had  5 regions that I was renting out / selling land on. Aproximently at the same time  a tax hit us from above. Now Second Life is a worldwide  family and there for some of our members comes from a real life place called  Europe. Linden Lab resides in a land called USA. Now we had trouble  down town. Cos Real  life laws  came into our world and  some of us had to pay our taxes ..  read big effing mess it was .. details to  be covered later on  another blog …. aaaaanyways, M Linden came as what we thought a helper  at the same time we (read europeans)  were hit by taxes ( got 25 % yuck) ontop of what we already paid Linden Lab (295usd pr region in my case) but to make this less confusing Ill  just do  a little list down  below .. here ..  look  down …..

2007 M Linden started

2007 VAT was implemented

2007 more mainland was added in  an  attmept to  kill high  mainland prices

Ok ..  that was the beginning .. Later we had …

banning of casinos in Second Life (also during same year I  belive)

Shit was loose in mainstreet Im telling ya. I  had to  sell two  regions cos I couldnt find the customers for them, Main  land prices didnt drop as much as Linden Lab had hoped so  they send out a new batch  of mainland. All  they really did was  hurt the private island owners, especially the small ones like me 😦

So months passed and  it turned out  M Linden  had a different idea for  what  a virtual world should be like. Erm  something like  “never mind the  residents that build the place that  keeps bread on  my table  i want  big corps in  cos then  I can  have the  new  BMW I want for christmas ” type of thing, you get the picture I  belive right ?

*Le sighs* oh  well  ..  moving on we did, I mean  adapt or die .. right? And  Daddy Linden  was still  in the house and he wouldnt let anything bad  happen to  us would he?  Besides  Linden Lab  was now running as a buisness and  would be really stupid to  change to  much and loose  the ones that pay your bills ..  I mean  …  right ? .. EEEHHHH WRONG .. soooo wrong  its hurting. Now what most people are are loyal, you are loyal to your family, you  love them even  if they do  eff up now and then  and the  virtual world concepts  still  rocks, besides whats out there?  nothing ..  waistland .. empty space, darkness, cold .. no better stay  where we know there are still  parents that care and help us even  if they  are starting to change the  house / town  rules!

It didnt stop ..  after the  2007  mess we got more .. much  more .. much much much  more .. pass the lube plz!

I list again ..:

Homestead scandal

Linden Lab keeps feeding  regions nto mainland

Banks are shut down

Prices go up on the homesteads

Grandfathering gets cancled

Adult content segregated to a seperat part of town (out of eye out of mind sort of policy)

TOS changes  left and right, today we dont even  own  our own  uploaded content  anymore

Latest  brainstorm from  the parents aka the gods aka the Lindens

Teen Grid merge with the Main Grid (meaning letting teen  loose in an ADULT created world)

TA DAAA ..  brilliant  juuust brilliant.

Oh did i  mention  they messed up the yellow pages (seach) as well? yea cos that is what you do

Ah and I   nearly forgot the Viewer 2  crappola. Typical  “we know way  better than  you what you  will  like and you  better take this cos we wont let it go away ”

list continues with ….:

Purchase of  Xtreet messing that up  including the  forums

Purchase of a facebook site (sorry cant remember the name right now LOL ) for virtual worlds all over (including gaming platforms) then  shutting that down  6 months later

Now we now have restrictions up  our yazoo (not the band no) we cant breathe  in case we do something wrong . Kids comming in, not just from  the TG merge  but Second Life is now open for all  teens to  join (from age 16 unless you belong to a school that will / can  bring you  in from age 13) So  from a world that was  solely for adults created by adults we now  have

Teens running round the grid (ok OFFICIALLY they are only allowed into  PG/general regions but who are we kidding here they broken into the maingrid before they will  break into the  mature / moderate & adult regions again)

No support from  our parents aka the gods aka the Lindens cos they let  300+ go  due to  economics gone south for the  unforseen future (I  personally have a friend that has sendt  46 AR reports due to  personal griefing of her and her business)

We dont own anything in Second Life any more. In fact can  be argued they stole our  creations from us AFTER  WE build the world they  manage and earn money  off. This due to  change in the TOS and you  have to agree to t he new TOS  before you are allowed into the town (grid) again

AND we still  get to  pay  prices that are out of  most peoples reach today  in present economy.

Lady sits back and  just couldnt take  the home climate anymore. Residents turning on  residents due to  copybotters  that  is stealing from merchants and Linden Lab running around with a bucket of water trying to  put out a forrest fire they themselves started (hole in the security of their own  code), Linden Lab carring less and less and my funds running  rapidly out. Something had to  be done .. but ..  was I ready ? Could I  take that scary  step  into the unknown ?  I heard whispers .. rumours ..  even  tried to  look around  just outside the gate to  see what  was out there once before.

Summer 2010, while in Canada I took  a giant decision one that shook me to the core and  in many ways  broke my heart.

I abandoned my first region .. the first one I bought in  december 2006, My  hearts blood ..  was gone, returned to  the  collective of  some namesless servers. Still  a premium member of the family I  got a generic house, sorted  a little of my clothes store now  rebranded as “Blend Discounted” and set out some items on the new SLM controlled by  the  heads of the family. Licked my wounds and grieved for my loss. …

Late september 2010 I got on  my  feet again and opend the  gate took  a look around  seeing  new worlds  outside. Some closed (fenced in  with a gate like my  old home) and some open conected wia a subway called the Hypergrid. Standing  on  the  edge of the gate of my old home I started to  take a closer look at some of the closest worlds .. taking some stumbling steps  not knowing what I would meet …. Having registered on  other worlds with my  name I logged into a world called InWolrdz. Ironicly at the same time my then computer started acting up and I  had to wait  a week or two  for a new one ..  deja vu … before I could  adventure out into this world that  I  would  a few days later  decide were to  be my  new base. My  first independant home since my birth  in  the first virtual world ….Form Second Life to  InWorldz, Im all grown  up and ready to fly.

(will continue on my  new life in InWolrdz once I return  to  virtuallity from a brief interlude to  the flesh world  to  move and sort my life and my sons life there. If your curious before hand do visit  InWolrdz and my  almost finished region Sweet Dreamz and  the InWorldz Duranies  first project Birmingham, still under construction)


4 Responses to “Virtual Life according to the Lady – Being Born into Vituallity”
  1. Count Eisenhart says:

    “All you need is…Lady”

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great story! It amazing that we get almost the same feelings for your homes in virtual worlds as in real life.
    I came to SL in oktober 2008. But after 2 months I started to grid hop. First to Avatar Hangout and later I had my own regions in New world grid. So I was never “faithful” to Second life even though i had a small island in Outerland for almost a year. Almost immediately in SL I noticed the price level for land was ridiculous so I started to look for alternatives. Eventually I found it. In july 2010 inWorldz =))

    • ladysakai says:

      I agree.. Now Ive always been the loyal sort, besides that when you invest into something like I did in SL you dont really just move on. I honestly belive(ed) in SL and the concept. now the concepts has grown and evolved and will continue. Its still hard for outside people to embrace / understand. They see a caracter on a computer screen and they go “ah, its a game” That one irks me to no end. I remember Avatar Hangout. think I registered there cos I think 2008 was around the time I first peeked outside the gate of SL. Im happy to have found InWorldz now. SL will be my birthplace and my “home” the home where you parents live. Daddy Philip had an amazing vision and he should be proud that others has embraced that and build uppon it. The furture looks interesting 😉

  3. Bradd Laval says:

    To Rodvik, Make SL fun again, lower land tier fees, get rid of VAT, bring back casino’s and debauchery and I may go back to it again but there’s more of a chance of me seeing a giant cross dressing giraffe making love to a duck in RL and on my road!

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