SecondLife erupts in outright war

Yes Redzone again

Update from last  blog is that Linden Lab  has added to their TOS /Community Standards

It now reads:


Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent — including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile — is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants’ consent are all prohibited.

While this is of course a good thing there is one thing  that Linden Lab  did not (yet?) adress. Namely the presense of the IP gathering devices still on the grid and the devices still being sold both inworld and on the market place.

More and more info emerges. I  have been following the JIRA closely as well as various blogs and the SLU thread.

Scriptors and coders has tried to step up  and do their part in defending privacy on the Second Life grid. Bloggers has been working almost round the clock in attempts to inform people out there. Private people as well as bloggers and scriptors/coders alike has  been monotring the RedZone forum. Taking screen caps of the RedZone users and its creators  sceaming  on how to circumvent  the new TOS / Community Standards.

Inworld its become a war, popular know now as the Greenies vs the Redders (and various names thereoff)

I myself had a run in with  some of the supporters of the RedZone while on the Phoenix Lounge group.

Its becomming more and more ugly for each day.

Today I read a blog from a very well  known blogger Tateru Nino on the matter with some info (I havent been able to track the initial info down as yet) pertaining the European community in SL in regards to this mess of IP gathering.

Of course, one should remember EU courts have previously ruled that the collection of IP address data of EU citizens in order to associate that data with identities or alt-accounts is unlawful without prior, express consent – IP address data has been determined by the EU judiciary to be private information as far as this purpose is concerned; so RedZone would be in the wrong if it retained any IP address data from EU citizens or used it for matching alt-accounts, without seeking consent prior to collection of that data.

Full blog can  be found here; Dwell on it by Tateru Ninu

Yes RedZone  MUST now seek concent to  DISPLAY any alt names. Meanwhile it STILL scans you if you do not  disable :

  • Music
  • Media
  • Voice
  • Cookies

in your prefencenses!

Another news  just in is also that RedZone has now found a way to  hide from the Greenzone HUD (a device that has been made to detect any RedZone devices, BUT ONLY RedZone, near you) This has been tested by  several people and posting of their findings has been posted on both the Jira and the SLU thread (fair warning; this thread is very very long but in your own privacy intrest  well worth reading)

Other bloggers that has been following this matter and will  be well worth  keeping an eye on  is;

Ann Otoole


Tateru Nino


Ciaran Laval

Theia Magic

Inara Pey Inara Pey Again

Here is also a few articles that is also debating the RedZone / IP gathering in SL

The Alphaville Herald


New World Notes

LindenWatch has started a cease and desist letter on their site sign here and you can  have your name visible or not on the letter

My personal recomendation  after 10+ days of reading and sorting  and pondering and .. my oh my …

Well you have various options.

  1. You can  carry on and pretend everything is fine while the devices scan you and pile up  info on you. NOTE; If you  have a dynamic IP you  put other people at risk and you yourself will  be at risk  of being  dealt an IP adress  used by someone that has been  labled (falsly or not) of griefing and / or  cobybotting. See more info on Static & Dynamic IPs here
  2. You can  keep logging in  BUT have all media, music, cookies, voice turned off in PREFERENCES
  3. You can  try  the Cool VL viewer which now has  a patch made by  Sione (a coder) that will  enable you in  blocking any malisious  URLS trying to hack your  computer (patches will  be comming to  Phoenix and snowglobe  soon, I  havent seen  any  news on  Imprudence so  far) Do NOT expect any patches of this kind to  be in the official viewers from Linden Lab (yet?)
  4. You can stop logging into Second Life all together  untill Linden Lab (hopefully?) sees sense and  gets rid of this mallware/spyware that is hacking into your computer

I would HIGHLY recomend that you  vote AND watch  the Jira here Comment if you feel  like  letting  Linden Lab know your feelings (Soft Linden  has made a few entries that you  might  want to read in there as well)

Also I would highly recomend that you scope out  other worlds out there while your at it





More grids here OpenSimulator GridList and here Hypergrid Business GridList

REMEMBER; Redzone is  NOT the only  IP gathering device out there Gemini CDS is still in operation and others may come along in their wake. Its  crutial that Linden Lab wakes up and activly  defends our privacy! Let Linden Lab know this. AR any devices that do not comply with new TOS / CS. Write Linden Lab  demanding your right to privacy back. Twitter  (if you  have it) @Rodvik and @SL letting them know you  want your privacy and security back. Use Facebook if you  have that and write on  the Second Life wall telling them  you want your privacy back.

This has nothing to do with us trying to hide anything or  us wanting to grief/copybot. Its about  our right to privacy as promised by Linden Lab when we signed the agreement between us and them NOT us and them and  numarous others that  feels like snooping into our  computers / privacy.

Copybotters / griefers  will  go  on their busines unaffected by these devices .. dont belive me? Take a peek at this little gem I  found on YouTube its an eyeopener this one shows how easy a copybotter can (and will) cirmumvent any  ban put on them he is using the CDS as an example here but  RedZone is merely a copy of CDS.

Finally I wanna leave you with a gem from the creator of RedZone, zFire Xue himself

Blackmail threat from zFyre

Fight back if you value your privacy!

Whooosh out from  me untill next time xxx

(sorry bout any typos, I did try and catch them  but its late over here 😉 )

9 Responses to “SecondLife erupts in outright war”
  1. Rene Erlanger says:

    Why won’t LL ban Redzone detector?

    Simple…it’s doing the job for them…..driving shopping away from in-world shops and onto their beloved Marketplace. They want a SL Grid with only just large brand names/ Elite Creators or those with deep pockets in-world ……and the rest of commerce will driven towards Marketplace. Eventually they’ll also introduce listing fees and milk that too.

    Everything LL has done in the last 2 years has been geared towards driving small/ medium size businesses out. It’s no surprise with the amount of abandoments on both Mainland & Estate sims. Land will eventually be used as residential or clubs or services or public places (art galleries/ museums). Even with the land model , they would prefer to just deal with the top 50 largest estates as opposed tons of single sim owners….so here again the Large estates will get the breaks. (Atlas program)

    With less in-world businesses and land estates to deal with….they can scale down customer support (it doesn’t generate income for them)

    • ladysakai says:

      Hi Rene, long time no chatty 🙂
      Well yes that would be one spin on why LL do not step up. Frankly I dunno. By the way LL is running their business I dont think the left hand knows shite of what the right is doing. I doubt those hands are even in the same building so to speak. Your theory would imply that they actually work together as a team, Which Im beginning to suspect is not the case. They seriously need to clean up their acts. Maybe they should have hired a woman (ya know like a mum figure) to do some heavy cleaning up and butt kicking around the place.
      I do however agree that something is amis in the Lab (aka something is rotten in the state of Denmark .. hehe .. I should know right ? 😉 ) when it comes to the whole seach/SLM/Atlas program (buddy buddy system) debaticle (um spell?) I do think your being optimistical about the Top 50 though.. I think in reality its more like top 10 maybe 20.
      Problem is that this datamining / IP harvesting thing hits everyone, especially the non tech savy of the population and often they are the people that actually feeds money into the system (non-creators/builders) We cannot turn our backs on them cos they are the ones that gives us the oppotunity to be creators / builders in this/these virtual world(s)

      • Maude says:

        After reading the blog and this website, I see hope. For nearly a year I have been harassed by this RedZone guy and I have complained through support tickets to Lindens about it, each ticket was closed and they said they could do nothing with this man and his wrongly accusing me of being a copybot. I don’t even build, I am a blind lady who enjoys second life that is all, I rented land, spent money and donated to my favorite sims. Once labeled a “copybot” I was getting ejected from everywhere and when I was actually ejected, my hard drive would go bananas, now as a result it has to be replaced. I complained so much to Lindens they put my account ON HOLD, I have a premium account which I paid a year’s in advance and several thousand dollars worth of inventory and rented properties I can’t access. I find Lindens to be a very lazy support system and for whatever reason, if they are treating other people like they are treating me, then I think they are DOOMED to lose alot of residents who have been online for years.

      • ladysakai says:

        Hi Maude
        Yes I agree with all your points. LLs train of reasoning is way way beyond me. When I brought this issue to Jack Lindens attention he agreed that it was a problem and that no one but LL had the right to my personal ident (wich an IP adress is) What happend? Nothing and very shortly after Redzone popped up and now it was even more nasty.
        On the SLU thread I link back to in my blogs, there is now ben a few reports about yet another device that will grab your IP and post it in local chat. Why? Dont know what the use for that is, morronic reasoning is sometimes beyond me. I can only imagin it to be some sort of griefer tool.
        LL also need to realise they are not the only ones out there anymore. They USED to be the only viable virtual world, but if you look around (I posted links to some of them in the blog) there are some good and decent worlds operating now. InWorldz has made a firm stand against privacy snooping / IP harvesting devices on their forum (only took four hours before the question put up was answered)

  2. Inara Pey says:

    Hi, Lady Sakai!

    Thanks for the links herein, and excellent article.

    Might also be worthwhile pointing people to SVC6793 – cuts to the heart of the matter.

    I’d also, if I may take up on a couple of points:

    Tateru refers to EU data protection. If only it were that straight-forward for us on this side of the pond. EU directives on data privacy are not all “one-size fits all”, but vary in implementation on a per country basis. Rulings also tend to depend on *where* the data is being gathered (in this case, utilising servers outside of the EU). As such, European readers would be best advise to speak to the appropriate authority in their countries to find out the scope of protection they are afforded by local Data Protection / Data Privacy legislation *and* whether there are reciprocal arrangements for protecting privacy enforced either nationally or through the EU itself with countries such as the USA.

    I’d also suggest that Hamlet Au’s NWN article on the RedZone Affair doesn’t so much debate / discuss the matter, but attempts to dismiss it as unimportant. Even in his replies to comments, he continues to demonstrate a wilful disregard for the facts. The revised CS is quoted, he responds with, “Also, I’m looking at the Privacy section of the ToS, which say it hasn’t been updated since March 2010” – then quotes the ToS as if it * supersedes* the CS revision. It doesn’t. The CS is a policy that supports the ToS, and shares equal relevance. Anyone doubting this should remember that *both* the ToS and CS carry the same ultimate penalty if transgressed: banning.

    It’s a very disappointing stance that Hamlet takes here, one that could be interpreted as deliberate obfuscation of the matter.

    • ladysakai says:

      Hi Inara
      Yes Im aware of the stickyness of the EU. On one hand we have the EU determining that datamining is not allowed on the other hand we have our own individual countries laws. I plan on looking into that this week. I agree with your comments on Hamlet. Its shoddy piece of work. I did however decide to inclue it as its will show off his lack of objectivness (if thats the right way to put it 🙂 ) I suspect we are far from done with any of this, sadly.

  3. Prokofy Neva says:

    I’ve been covering this issue extensively, too. I heartily oppose RedZone; I’ll sign the petition. I think the struggle has to be waged — but done with sense and done smart, or another mass movement in SL will fail, like past ones against homesteads or copybotting that only in the end made a small dent on the Lindens.

    My articles:

    But I’ve also been debating people who think that solutions like in merely the pop-up consent box — which is a cop-out because you are still tracked in the end anyway and may wind up being barred from thousands of shopping and other sites if you don’t cooperate. And I’ve been debating people menacing us all with EU privacy law — this is America, as far as the Lindens are concerned, they’ve closed offices abroad, and they will abide by U.S. law, which doesn’t have that stringency about privacy. I’ve also been debating people that think that Linden Lab can just fix this with some mechanical patch that blocks the ability of the media tab to grab your IP address and keep it, regardless if you have auto-off. While mechanical injunctions are a good thing in SL and I’m all for them even if they don’t have 100 percent effectiveness — I’m not hobbled by the binary thinking of coders — I do have to point out our real problem:


    It is not 8.3 that admonishes the user not to expose privacy. That’s fine, but the context is *RL privacy*.

    4.3 deals with the refusal of Linden Lab to accept liability for what any third party does on their server in terms of scraping data. Nothing about 4.3 is changed. And nothing about 4.3 is likely to be changed, because unless Linden Lab can sell their platform as a data-miner — just like Facebook and Twitter are already selling pieces of their platforms and accepting investment funds on this basis — they will not be able to sell it. No one will buy a cat in a bag that can’t be assessed. And that means that Linden Lab will not be acting on this substantively. They can’t, if they are to be like every other company in Silicon Valley operating with the California Business Model, which amounts to letting everybody do what they want, upload what they want, and scrape what they want in order to gain revenues from ad-clicking and datamining and only after an abuse report, a DMCA takedown, then acting — sometimes.

    The change to Community Standards is a lesser effect than the body of law that is the TOS. It’s a sap to this movement against Red Zone and for privacy, and it is insufficient protection because it doesn’t not deal with the essential clawback in 4.3.

    So basically, those struggling against these rapacious companies datamining have to decide if they are prepared to struggle to the end, or accept compromise.

    If you deny the right of platform owners to sell data, even in aggregate, even if disconnected to your personal life — which is what this is all about, and may have been staged with preciously this in mind — then you deny them their bread and butter. It’s like saying “don’t have ads on your blog, I don’t like them” to a blogger who makes his living from the ads.

    If you insist on having a total shrink-wrap of privacy in this virtual world — and I respect that — then you deny lots of people who could make money the way people make money on the Internet everywhere else — with datamining and advertising — from being able to support the platform itself. How do the costs of the platform get paid? I’m happy to have them paid by tier and not scale as fast. The Lindens are not. They don’t have that luxury. They aren’t growing; those platforms that sell datamining and ads are growing phenomenally — Twitter is datamining you as we speak; so is Facebook. You’re already RedZoned over there — and with far more RL information, most likely.

    So what is realistic to ask of this company that may have to sell itself in a year to survive, so that we can keep our homelands?

    That may be the following:

    o Maximum program — do not track, i.e. have a real-life equivalent of not being tracked and ensure it by technological and TOS means (vote for that on the JIRA not only as a patch, but add to it a change to 4.3 that says third parties may data mine *only with consent*.

    Vote for this JIRA:

    o Minimum program — accept the truce Linden Lab has offered now, by changing the CS to say “and SL als”, accept the pop-up of RedZone, and demand that all such future products have the same feature.

    I see no reason why we can’t go for the maximum, and fall back to the minimum only after a great struggle.

    Meanwhile, keep in mind that the reason the Lindens are REMOVING VOTING FROM THE JIRA COMPLETELY is because of struggles like this. Vote for the JIRA to stop them there, too:

  4. When they need a qualified private investigator, Phoenix businesses and individual residents rely on the services of Rix Investigators

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