Creeps – Will you love me when Im gone?

The last  weeks, blogs, forums, internet media has been  on fire, buzzing with the one  word most of us know very well  now …. RedZone ….

Yes, RedZone misused a hole in the viewers that was used within the SecondLife virtual platform. The viewer is open source, meaning all viewers are based on the  same code, or blueprint if you will. Linden Lab developed it, then released it as open source. Brilliant fabulous move by  Philip Rosedale and Cory Ondrejka

Second Life was created  as a virtual platform where adults could come and create  the world they wanted. Again positively brilliant.

Generally people who  live within Second Life is considered  a bit od (I’m being nice here). Truth is that in Second Life  like-minded people found each other, art, music, technology, creativity thrived  and Second Life grew and grew fast.

Fast forward through  sex scandals, internal  strife and other  headaches

We are now in 2011. We are facing the most difficult time in Second Life’s history. We are in the mid of  a war and that war is about privacy vs control … cue music

LYRICS here cos they are important

So yes RedZone  has been debated back and forth. There are now a new terminology the RZ`s and the Greenies. Is this the truth ? Is it really  that simple? I claim no it is not!

RedZone is simply one out of many. This is not a new thing. Far as I’m aware RedZone has been on the grid for about a year. There are other devices that do more or less of what RedZone does. Gemini CDS and Quickware Alt Pro. Reports has been comming in  at SLU main thread about these devices about other devices that  will also  be exploiting the same holes as  the known ones. Some  plain evil and made to  be griefer tools only and foremost. I’m pretty sure that more  will  be following.

It is important that this  do  not get blown up as a war against  RedZone  only.

It is a war against ALL data mining devices on the Second Life  platform. It’s a war to  force Linden Lab to step  up and deal  with realities. The reality  that  they are NOT providing  their residents or customers or clients or what ever they choose to call  us this week, the security  they  have  outlined in their TOS that we have signed. Remember a deal works both ways Linden Lab. It’s a war  to force Linden Lab  to enforce and tighten  their own(!) TOS.

Linden Lab  has to realise that  they are a company that provides a service  to a WORLD WIDE customer base. Start acting like it Lindens, man up and  stop didling  about like  you were a bunch of teens that  only work with what they want when they want. This kind of behaviour do not fly anymore!

Privacy is extremely important  for a lot of people. It doesn’t  matter if IP address are “public” it doesn’t matter that  “most” people don’t know how to  use IP addresses for  bad. IT.DOES.NOT.MATTER! Second Life is not the internet. It’s a walled environment with servers that are connected to the internet via a door. When we enter that door we willingly  let Linden Lab  have our information in case they  should need it. For their protection and for our own. We give it to  them NOT to  potential thieves  inside the  world we enter in GOOD FAITH!

Again I stress, this is NOT only  about RedZone. It’s about ALL  dataminers inside  this walled community. Yes thieves do come in the door as well, not only dataminers but also  Rippers (also  known as Copybotters a term  used about  people who  use  special viewers that can  copy what is  shown on their screen.) Griefers, stalkers and general  tosspots in the minor league  knowns  as dramaqueens and general harrasers.

Now people who use these data mining devices can  be everyone. Content creators that has been  ripped off over and over  and get no  help  from Linden Lab or they might have been  harassed by competitors (I know  of one  creator that has filed 46 tickets with Linden Lab due to  harassment  targeted to  destroy her business and has gotten  no response from LL), stalkers, griefer of  all  kinds  its  come to a point where  you  as a normal  user don’t know who  to  trust.

This  brings me back  to  one of the most important points in all  this …. the normal user of Second Life …  the user that actually uses Second Life, the user that  do not create, that do not own mutible regions  the user that  brings money into Second Life to spend on land, content of various stuff, houses, clothes, gadgets galore.  The user that don’t  care to take a computer degree to be able to be safe  in a world that should provide  some relaxation in a stressed  physical world. We that work and create in Second Life  owe it to them to  get this mess fixed and spread awareness so they at least can protect themselves  untill  it is  cleaned up.

So all eyes on Linden Lab.. in the words of the Clash .. “Should  I stay or should I go?” or will it be

What will  it be Linden Lab?

(if you as reader are looking for  more info  on this  please go to my other blog  posts  where I  have  links with info Privacy – Lost in SL? & Second Life erupts in outright war & The Privacy wars real victims )

I would like to  dedicate this  blog post to

Sione Lomu creator of the media patch  that  is being adapted  in most TPVs and  also  Linden Labs own viewer

Boy Lane, WolfEyes, Tonya Souther, Pancake, bronxelf, Psyke Phaeton, Innula Zenovka, Theia Magic, Roxy Couturier, Sling Trebuchet, Ann Otoole, Walker, all the devs on the TPVs, and all the people  that has been working tirelessly  to  help  create awareness and  help  where they can  whenever they can. If I was to name all by  name  Id be here all  night 🙂 Not to mention all  the bloggers that has been  shouting on their blogs taking time  out of their already busy lives. Some of them can  be found  in my other blog posts (links  provided  above)

Last but not least, Soft Linden, who  has been trying  to push the  matter  within Linden Lab  and made sure the Jira didn’t  get closed

2 Responses to “Creeps – Will you love me when Im gone?”
  1. Yes i was very surpriced when i found info about it in june last year and no one reacted on my blog posting about it….
    se the links in this posting:

    • ladysakai says:

      Hi Mera welcome to the party 😉
      Seriously Im all with you. It baffles me how now 3/4 of a year after some of us was trying to gain awareness about it it now explodes in ppls faces .. Im not the person who says “I told you so” but I really really did tell you so lol. Well all we can do now is to fight it and looks like its gonna be a dirty one. If LL dont step up (oh lord broken record already) its gonna get real ugly real fast and other grids out there better buckle up cos they are gonna get over run by refugees

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