Extended License Nightmare or “The Joys of Moving to other grids from long time SL use”

So here we are  4½ years after I joined Second Life and  approximately 6 months after moving  out from Second Life.

Now I have a lot of textures, sculpts, PSD files that I bought in my time  in Second Life. 4½ years is a long time and I like to support other creators as well as building. I know some people will say  that I’m not really a creator when I  don’t make everything myself but that’s really a different debate.

6 months ago when I  finally took the step to move out on my own, so to speak, and chose InWorldz as my primary home. I  was faced with  the grueling task of licenses.

“First to explain” as dear  Poirot would say

I will only cover  Full Permission content / building aides here.

Now all textures, sculpts, PSD files are owned solely by the people who CREATES them. It does not matter if you bought them at X price. The full rights  belongs to the creator, end off. Now the creator can  sell their  creations  with a license  that they will decide the terms of.

So  if they  only want people born on May 8th 1987, that has red hair and whose name is Carla, to use their  creations, during  a lunar eclipse. That is their right and their choice. Not just in the virtual world but in any  realm you can  think of.

I Second Life you will  find these licenses  in the packs that you by and if sold on  SLM they are often  stated there as well. IF you breach  that license, wich in fact is a bound contract between you  as a buyer and them  as  seller and license holder, you can  very  well  find yourself  on the receiving end of a DMCA and  even a law suit.

This is very very  important to remember. So  I repeat. Even  if you bought  a textures set, a set of sculpt maps a PSD file you do NOT own this and you  have to  follow the License agreement or in some cases  what they call  a EULA (basically  same thing = legal binding contract)

Now back to Second Life.

Having been in Second Life for  so many  years  a lot of  my building aides (textures, sculpts, PSD files) was bought before any other grids  were really  of any  value to a mainstream user even  the latest ones  I have I didn’t really pay  attention to  cos heck I  was in Second Life and wasnt really  contemplating moving at that point. So …..

Now that I moved I  sat down and talked to  people and  fond out  how to go about this.

Last year I sat down and wrote a notecard. Explaining that Id like their permission to use  their creations as a part of my own creations in InWorldz. Basicly on the same terms as in SL. You know the “do not give out full  perm, do not resell, etc etc. I  even  made a notecard that I attached which was an example of an Extended License that  they could use  if they wished.

I combed through  my  inventory  for any  full permission building aids and put them in  folders with the creators name on and then  I sat down and started to  send out notecards

Oh did I mention I  had  at the beginning 250 creators? *Phew* a LOT of work.

Why did I even  go through all this? Well first off it’s the LAW (!) I  have to ask  their permission, also I wanted to  show them  the respect of honouring their creations and work.

Now there’s been a lot of theft going on  in Second Life. Not only of hair, skin, clothes and so  on but the  creators that  offer their expertise and makes building aids  are the most  vulnerable of them all, simply  because they  don’t have any restrictions on their work. If they did it would be impossible for people like me to  use their work as aid to my  own (that is if I wanted to resell  my  work). I’m aware that some sculpts are  often  no modify now due to the fact that  that is one way of protecting the  map. I make a point of never buying those maps if I can  help it. Again that a slightly different debate that I wont touch on  here.

So at the end of some long weeks, I  had all  250 notecards send out. All I could do  now is wait. Feeling a tad anxious cos  a lot of money  was involved here. I had creators I had  paid 250+ $ (yes real dollars not Linden$) and  all the way  down to only  having one texture from some of them. Again it is the law so no way  round it.

In the proses I also  made a group specially  directed at  Full  Permission creators of building aids. For them to have a group that they  could share information and  help each other on how to go about all these new grids and people asking for  licenses for those grids.

Shameless plug here: Group Name is Creators for Fair use in VW and are currently  open  in Second Life, InWorldz & Avination. It’s free to join and members can invite fellow creators.

Now I waited. Got replies.

Some were  happy  to  just send an IM and let me  copy / paste that into a notecard

Some where downright rude and insulting, to the point of threatening me even (I chose to  think  they  might have misunderstood something along the line)

Some point-blank refused, end off.

Some required additional payment for use in other grids

Some were  very  thankful that I  even  asked (yes I  know that is sad that people  have to  be thankful for  someone abholding the law, speaks to the honesty of some and shame shame on you .. you  know who I mean Thief!)

and then some … didn’t reply back.

Granted some people are busy  in their physical life, some might have misplaced the notecards (happens I know) and other various reasons, so I choose not to  judge.

Now I got  about half of the creators to  respond back with what ever decision they  had made. Still had  125 to go when  christmas hit and then the  Privacy  debacle in Second Life and my own  Physical Life and so on.

Two days back I decided it was time for round two of the Extended License request (insert your own choice of dramatic music here.. or not)

I made new notecards and  personalised them a little  this time also added a list of what  packs I  had from them. Send them off and now playing the waiting game again. So far I’ve had round ten replies back, all positive  and one  letting me know of an additional fee for use in other grids. So far so good, only  approx 115 creators to go *wink, wink, hint hint*

So  lessons learned here:

Be polite and honest. Ask even  if they  originally state that it’s for use in Second Life only. Look into  the legal  aspects of things  and be available  for  a talk if they  have questions. I’ve gotten  some  licenses  on that basis alone.

So now I will  sit and wait because I’m sure they will  all  get back to me, I am  after all a customer *smiles sweetly*

Whooooosh and  enjoy your virtual life in any grid  or all  if you so  desire!

6 Responses to “Extended License Nightmare or “The Joys of Moving to other grids from long time SL use””
  1. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching something and your post looks very provocative for me. Great page you are running there. And many thanks for posting this.

    • ladysakai says:

      Hi Dorian, Glad you liked the post and my blog 🙂 If you like reading blogs Id recomend looking at the blogs I have listed on the left side. Some of those also have links to toher blogs and so on. That should keep you out of trouble for a few decades 😉
      Thank you again for your kind words 🙂
      Lady S

  2. Jeri Rahja says:

    I agreed with your writing Dorian and it will only get worse – I maintain every single license – small little scribbled note card with an ok you can use the texture, map etc. I really do not know if any thing will come back and bite you – but you never know – it all seems sooo scary – but there is a small catch if I remember – this did not go in effect until a yr or 2 ago – I am still combing though the SL notes where thoses rights where given back to the creators – and prior to that – SL maintained they owed all creative material. So that date must be relocated and determined.

  3. I commend you for your due diligence, Lady! Like you, I’ve found that the SL creators all have a different attitude. Overall, I get great results. Those who said – were so angry in their answer to me, I too though they must have really misunderstood the question. …such fear from the unknowing! 🙂

    • ladysakai says:

      Thanks for the comment Dancer 🙂 I was talking to someone in IW today .. now if this is true or not I have no idea … but I was told that LL is taking some creators to court cos they are taking builds out of SL. The claim is that according to their TOS the BUILDING blocks aka the prims were made in SL and therefor belongs to Linden Lab.

      If anyone has any info on this Id be most interested in hearing about it

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