Oh No What Virtual World Should I Choose!?!?!

So been  kinds busy lately, havent had too much time and I do  have a life that is non virtual and kids that are non virtual as well. Those need to be fed and so on … can’t get around it 😉

In Virtual life I’ve required an Estate, YES I know I said I wouldn’t  but I did .. moving on now …. pst name is “Virtual Estates” and we deal in  all types of land and operate in  the virtual world of InWorldz … in case you  should  ever have a need for some land, home, region  whatever … ok ..  so  moving on now..  really  I  am  😉

I have been  reading  blogs, watching virtual tv, following debates on twitter and forums. I even  got my bum on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe which is a Talk show on SL.

Actually this is where I really got my mind ball  rolling. Paisley  asked me and Jim Tarber, who is a grid monkey, resident and DJ in InWorldz, if we had deleted  our inventory in SL. … btw both our answers  was no on  that one, but it  jogged my mind.

Now few weeks later I have noticed thing popping up on  the different grids. People  having more or less friendly debates on what grid is the best. People making observations in about the negativity  against SL – well  really Linden Lab –  and I  get this  feeling that  people are under the impression that you have to  choose. Today  I  read an excellent  blog from Dancer Glimmer ” Has Your InWorldz Peaked” , Dancer touched on  this subject briefly as well. Even  earlier today waking up  I  noticed a good friend of mine commenting on an experience she had in InWorldz earlier.

Now, I know a good deal  of people, both in  SecondLife and InWorldz. Many  of them  do what is called  “Grid Hopping”, many  do  business in various grids including Second Life and InWorldz. Some take flak  for it. Its like being back at school  sometimes, the clique forming. The Brush attitude “Your either with us or  Against us” type of thing. And  I’m sorry  if this  next  offends you ..  be aware ..  next statement  could be very  offensive to you  so  if you fear  being offended  click away  now ……



Ok here goes, don’t say  I  didn’t warn  you….

Cut. It. Out. Already !! Grow Up!! this is not a case of  fore or against, it’s not a case of  being  on the “same team”. How would you  feel if people in your town  where you  live  got snarly  cos you said you  visited the neighbour town or went on a holiday  for a few weeks to  a different country?

Paisley`s question on if  we had deleted our inventory  in SL was a brilliant one and one that I  wish  .. oh wish  so  bad .. that I  had  gone deeper in my answer to.

We don’t need to  make the choice. There is no choice unless you  choose. You can  do  what ever you  like to  do. Whether you’re a creator, and artist, a regular user, a Role Player, a designer, a scripter, an  alien or a bloody  carrot  for that matter its doesn’t matter.

The pricing level  in the new grids out there are  very very  affordable, you can  be in  different grids. You  can  choose what ever  grid you want as a home base. Choose the one that fit YOU! and then  have a base in  other grids that YOU like.

Explore, investigate, expand, enjoy, have fun. Nothing wrong with any of it.

To all  the sour faces, do lighten up a bit. I have  most likely been  just as burned by  Linden Lab  policies as the next one, I  will  say so and no  I do  not support  SL as a gird  other than  I  have a small  parcel  as a base that I rent from a good friend. I could write  thick  books on  how I  think  Linden  Lab has been  making  stupid decisions and are making stupid decisions and most likely will continue to do so  in the future. I’ll  happy talk about that SOMETIMES but not all the time *sighs* and for the love  of the grid you claim to  love, don’t alienate  visitors coming to your town. Its is not clever and you will  not be doing  the grid you  claim to  love any  favours. You  know why? Cos  most people will  leave and it’s not certain they will return.

So  yes I can  hear the come back  on the above now. “But they can  leave if they  love  [insert grid name here] we don’t need them, good riddance” Ok fine, and how long do you think your grid will  last ? You  have to  understand that unless you  want a tight closed tiny  grid you  need a working economy and to  get a working economy you  need the following:

  • Merchants
  • Builders
  • tech people (scripters)
  • Coders
  • Residents that are non creators of any  kind aka buyers

Above have many  sub categories so  I’ll  leave it at that.

So tell me again why  you wanna alienate  these people? They are they  ones  that  bring life to a grid, they are the ones creating the  world that  is on the grid. If you don’t understand that  I give up.

And on that note …. Whooooosh and have a great Virtual  World where ever and what ever you are

(Do I qualify as a grumpy  avatar now?)

9 Responses to “Oh No What Virtual World Should I Choose!?!?!”
  1. You cover so many great points, Lady. When I first entered IWz, I definitely fully immersed myself there – ignoring my SL except for the bare minimum of obligations – yet, I never felt like I was giving SL up. When Paisley asked if you’d deleted your SL Inventory… I was perplexed – Why would anyone do that? …but the message behind that is so much deeper, as you’ve explored today. For me, the past two months have seen a real merging of my two virtual lives – (no clue what is happening to my full time RL! lol), it’s nice to find a kindred avi!

    • ladysakai says:

      Ty ty Dancer 🙂 Yes you make a good point. Especially if your a creator of some sorts. Immersion when you first come to a new world is important. How else will you get to know your potential customer base 🙂

  2. Jim Tarber says:

    Looks like a good chance for me to repeat my refrain that it doesn’t really matter where you settle, or if you settle anywhere in particular, only that you log in somewhere. I think the idea is that the use of virtual worlds will continue to grow over time — some actually predict it will replace browsers as the interface to the Internet — and that we are still in the early stages of partial adoption by the masses. It’s like browser makers competing for the 1994 share of the Internet browser market. Grow the industry, even just a little, and see your particular favorite world grow exponentially. I fully believe that 10 years from now they will be connected and it will very much match your neighborhood analogy. We have a long way to go though, and in the meantime I’m just happy that there are several reasonable choices. I happened to pick InWorldz because I believe the philosophies and morals of the InWorldz founders closely match my own, and are a recipe for success, but there are several good choices. Also, like your vacation point, where you call home does not limit you from visiting other virtual locations. It’s all just a login or TP away. There’s no way I’ll be deleting my SL inventory. 🙂 But InWorldz is where my home base is, and where I’ve chosen to contribute.

  3. Bradd Laval says:

    Sooo.. Lady Sakai, is it true you taking over Inworldz sim by sim, and then the RL world like a James Bond villain?

  4. Amen, amen… as I said in my Factionalism post, if someone asked you, “Do you always shop at the same store?” you’d laugh it off as a ridiculous question… even as far as branches of grocery; this week this one has a sale on meat so I go there; that one is my usual because of good produce, etc. Or try it another way: “Which website do you go to?” Not how MANY… which ONE. Sounds silly huh?

    That is the Corporation speaking, not people. That is “corner the market” not “we are building a world” thinking. I am not a corporation. I like to explore. Heck I still have an avatar in BarbieGirls because sometimes I just want to play paper dolls without all the complexity of SL/IW/OS/the grids. The more the merrier!

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