Duran Duran in Limbo

Now  any one that knows the boys  will  know how devoted they are to  their fans. They will  also  know that  these guys  work  hard  and are musicians  to  the bone.

Few weeks back   they were meant to  start their UK tour. Sadly that was not to  be. Simon  caught a nasty  laryngitis. Now to  a singer that is devastating. After all  a singers instrument is  their voice.

Now I  know  Simon  is  top professional. Last time they  were in Denmark  (double  gig, one in Odense and one in Copenhagen) Simon  had some  bug. He was  coughing and spitting  between  songs  but he carried on. In  Copenhagen  he  took  care of himself, did what  he could to  get better and what ever he did (at the hotel)  it seemed to  work  a little and he didn’t seem to  affected  by  the evenings gig.

When  the band announced, both  John  and Simon   let us know on  Twitter, that they  had to  postpone due to  Simons voice  problems  I  knew this was serious.

Both  John  and Simon  has been informing their Duranies on Twitter on  the progress and  postponed  dates. John  is  down about it. We all  know John, he lives on  the stage,  that is  his oxygen. Simon  who  is  seeing doctors  wont  let on  how affected he is but anyone following Simon  on  Twitter  will have noticed  how quiet  he is to  his normal self.

So  why  am I  writing this? Well yesterday  John  released a blog  telling about  the situation  and  his feelings and today  I saw  John and Nick had made  a short video  and put it on You Tube

This along with   Simon and John`s tweets tells us how  sorry and gutted  the  guys are about this.

This also  puts  Duran Duran  is a unique class of their own. They  care,  they  inform us, they  want to  play  but  can’t. They  Talk to  us, their Duranies, and we  feel  honoured and blessed to be their Duranies. To  have shared a lifetime of music, of ups and downs. Sharing their feeling and  a big part of their lives with  us  are  not common when we speak  of bands  as  big as Duran Duran  are.

So  I  think I speak  for all os us when I  say:

We understand, we are in your corner. We will always be behind you no matter what. We might disagree  on  some of your  decisions and  also  tell you  so  but that is cos we love you, we love your  music, your lyrics and your commitment  not only to  yourselves as a unit  but also  to  us, your Duranies. That is a rare thing indeed!

Lastly a special thought goes to  our Simon, the lyricwizard, the moody git, the only Simon we have and  care to  have.

Take care of yourself first and foremost. Dont  push your voice, We will  wait for you to  get better and we know you’re doing everything in  your power to  get to  us and share your work  along with  the rest of the boys.

….. and as Simon  would say …. Whooooosh

Love from a Devotee


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