Duran Duran Universe in Second Life ??

As some might know Duran Duran  has four regions on the Second Life grid. They  have been there since  summer 2006 and visible since November / December 2006.

They invited their Duranies (pet name for their fans) to join them within this virtual  universe. Well  Nick  was the official inviter  but Roger, John and Simon  was  poking around in this universe as well. Word was even  that Roger  was at one time really into it (Nicks words ). The Duranies were sheltered  by  the  company  the band  had hired to  develop their islands. This company  had at least one region of their own and  build a nice hangout spot for us while we waited. Nick  would leave us messages  with  funny clues  and all  was rosy.

Once the  islands were build the company  handed over the project to the band and also  the management of their official group. This was done  professionally  and we were informed  by the company.

Then silence….. Well sorta cos there were some mulling in the back ground thou not  via the official  channels

Fast forward  till today.

The last days  we have gotten  some od messages. Within the  Second Life  realm  I have to point out. Someone, not officially introduced  has been  sending  two  messages and a person to person  sent notecard. We have also been invited to another group. With  the  purpose of  getting a sneak preview (?) of the islands … approximately 4 years after the build was done … as the  islands has been closed of  for the public ever since they appeared on the grid.

Curious thing is that no official announcements has been made on any  of the official channels, not on DDM.Com (the official  fan site) not on DuranDuran,com (their official site), nothing from John or Simon or  from their official  Twitter account, nor on their Facebook account and nothing on their YouTube channel. All of which channels they  use  whenever there is something they  need to announce. Lots of news on what is going on  with  their tour dates, but no word from the  boys themself about their official Regions in Second Life. No word of change of management since the  contracted company  finished their build. Nothing, nada, zip.

Its makes you  wonder, doesn’t it?

Duran Duran  is usually very professional  about their business and very  open  and informative.

Now we get od messages from their group in Second Life, notecards from  someone who  is to  our knowledge not officially  tied to  the band, handing out  notecards  signed  with the bands names.

Well I  got the invite and I might even  go but I still  can’t help  having this eery  feeling that something is just not all well in the state of Denmark here.

I’m not the only one with  a weird feeling about all this. Many  of you knows JoJa Dhara who  is very  active  in Second Life and she  expresses her concerns here . We do  have  some  heavy  reasons  for our concerns as JoJa  touches on.  I will  leave it to  her to  explain that  as  I share the  exact same concern  and don’t  think I should repeat her words  but I will  say  that  I  agree with  her and echo  her  sentiments to a tee.


UPDATE June 12th

AskKaty  send out a short notice on  her  Twitter about the opening. Felt a bit like an  “Oh-By-The-Way” thing …. Sorry   to  say  this  but Im  not impressed. My  concern stands firm  still on  so  many  levels.

4 Responses to “Duran Duran Universe in Second Life ??”
  1. Heya Lady, it’s Silent.

    I’ll believe it when I see it, that’s all I can say.

    Keeping my paws crossed!


    • ladysakai says:

      Sweet BunBun … how we have missed you 🙂 Is everything ok in our part of the world?
      Looks like its for real this time. As you know the full story I also know you understand my hesitation with certain people involved.
      Come see me in Second Life or InWorldz (they have cute Bunnies in InWorldz as well 😉 )

      Hugs and oooozes of kisses

      • Heya Lady,

        I just read your next post. Oy. Enough between the lines to see what all went down.
        Life has been a bit tough at me end. My husband has been gravely ill this past year but he is beginning to recover.
        I will come see you in SL someday soon, I promise.


  2. Well well. This is interesting. I’m quite curious to see if this is a legitimate opening of DDU, or if it’s just a group of fans picking up where others left, and riding on the success of the DD fandom…

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