SL Duran Day 1 of DrLama

oh  well..  guess it was a bit too much to expect that the DrLama aka Durama would not rear its ugly head  .. but hope springs eternal as they  say.

Day1: (I sure hope this isn’t gonna be one of those lame  journals phew)

Had a naughty (ok maybe not  naughty) date with JoJa Dhara today. She wanted to show me around the newly opened Duran Duran regions in SL. She had been  under contract with  the RiversRunRed team  during the build so  she had to  keep  hush-hush but now the islands were opened and she, as I said, wanted to  show me around a little and  explain  some of the builds. So  far so  good.

We log in, we have each other on Skype cos my  mic setup   is making SL  have PMS. We zoom  over to the islands. We meet  one old friend there .. says “hi” and then  goes on our little quest.

5- 10 mins in (I’m guessing) someone .. connected to  the other someone mentioned in an  earlier blog …. passes us up and starts talking to  us. We honestly  felt like  not  talking to  “him” but  you  know us (JoJa and I ) we are  polite and  say “hi” back. We  got  asked  some semi probing questions (MI5 don’t  call him ) and after a while he  starts to get (again I’m guessing) that we just want to  investigate alone and leaves.

Shortly after  my  companion  has to  go AFK  but  says she will  hang out   while doing some  RL  work, in a sort of semi afkish state. All normal … so  far.

I whooshed back  home  and logs. I get a call a bit later from another great friend Mister Paul Birkin (hooting fun  guy, don’t miss his loony  act coming to a funny  farm  near you soon 😉 )

Now during  our conversation  its starts to  heat up. My  friend still in SL and still  at the islands get contacted by a person that is meant to  represent  the band (again  I’m guessing : in a professional  manner) I’m not getting the specifics ..  you  know cos not allowed .. bad bad  thing to   disclose IMs) but I’m  being accused … cos MY name comes up  in the conversation .. not by my friend but by  this so-called professional that is attacking me behind my  back ..(Note: I’m  nowhere near the islands .. I’m  NOT  logged in  and I’m  certainly not in contact with  this person at all).

I’m being accused of being jealous, of what  I’m not entirely sure, could be I’m  jealous that I  don’t have the ability  to  stab people  I  pretend to  be friends with ? Could be because I don’t  brown nose my  way  up  in the world? Could be because I lack the ability  to  lie and cheat and screw over  anyone  in   my way towards  fame and fortune  (insert TaDa music here if you will) … could be something else, I’m still  bit hazy  on  the specifics. Needless to  say ..  first DrLama of the day  (Yay .. or not)

Ok  so  I’m fine with  being accused of what ever … I assure you that I  am . Couldnt  care less. I don’t have anything to  hide..  the truth  is way  more fun (Hook  from  Peter Pan  I  was  just told)

So  what is the reason  that I  sit here, in the middle of the night, two  hours from  when I  have to  get up  and  get my  son  to  school?

Well, I realised something. Something od … Now in Second Life the Duranies  have had an  official  Fan Group  since  this adventure started. First owned by  Fizzik  from the Rivers Run Red team. Now a lot of us has been  in  this group  since our births (most of us since 2006)

Now I  assumed that when they  started spamming us with  the news that the day  was finally here ..  yada yada blah blah …  and we  got notes that  because we were such  devoted fans and loyal  and had flowers up our butts (ok  made the last one up  😉 ) we would get an  early  access pass to  the islands. Yes well let me introduce you to  some pictures at this point. The important thing is to  note the numbers underlined in  red in the pictures ….


Note where it says: Everyone – 716 Members?

Good now have a look at this next picture

Note that is in this group , the special  access group, it says 44 members?

Now ..  does this mean  that there are  only 44 Really Loyal and Devoted  fans from the  official  fan group?

I  know of at least one girl that was not invited to  this “special  devotee group” and by  result  couldn’t get in today. I  also  knows why  this girl  wasnt invited in, I know she got the spam  and the notecards  stating  that  you  need a special  invite to  get in to the islands today.

So  why didn’t this girl  get the invite? Simple fact. Her husband had ticked the  “Professional” umm..  lets call her manager ..  off  some years back … now that is a big NO NO. The uninvited girls husband  is also  on the ban list of the region (he didn’t appear on the land ban  so  I’m  guessing he’s on the region  ban  list. He was placed there before the  islands ever opened. Sometime last year.


conclusion? ..  Poorly  management plain  and simple ..  Tut Tut, very  bad form indeed

And here by  we conclude todays Drlama /Durama for this time and  hopes (ya right) that  there will  be joy and sunshine from  here on

Hugs are in a pile on  the ground, help yourselves on your way  out



Oh  Btw ..  RiversRunRed had made some  amazing builds over there even  if they were 5 years old now and it showed, they were still  ahead of their time  so  kudos to RiversRunRed for a good job (sad some of it  was  destroyed)

Lady S

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