Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” Part 1

After some pondering I thought Id give a short tutorial in the “Hows” and “Whats” when it comes to  branching out in other virtual worlds if your running a business / store in Second Life.

This is mainly for  content  creators that are interested in branching out into  some of the new grids out there in  the metaverse.

I’m Likely to do updates on this post so feel  free to  bookmark and /  or  subscribe  if you wish to follow it.

My  offset will  be the virtual world of InWorldz as I  have the most experience there but generally the procedure is the same with  natural  variations depending on the world of your choice. Make sure you do  your own  research before hand for any or all of the virtual worlds that catch your interest


Why bother … ? Well  that is really a personal choice you  have to  make. If you  want to  branch  out and put in the extra work it will  be. It will  be more work  setting  thing up  in  other worlds and even  maintaining it as well. The rewards however can  also  be  many though  not always  financial rewards. Now you can  look  at it as advertising and I do  encourage you to do so  to a certain  extend. You  most likely wont be making a fortune on  it any time soon  if ever. Virtual Worlds are fairly  new and at present  most  new grids draw their  resident base from Second Life. So  naturally your  potential  customer base will  be the same as in Second Life  just  smaller and  more experienced in  many  cases.

What other virtual worlds  do  offer is visibility. Much  more so  than in Second Life. That don’t mean  however that  you  can  just set down shop and lean  back  thinking  your creations will  fly  of their virtual  shelves and customers  will  be lining up  in front of your virtual  door. The majority  of the population of the commercialised  grids, such as InWorldz (IW) and Avination (AVN), are fellow creators themselves. I make a shot in the dark and  estimate  it to be around 75%. Dont forget thou, creators /  designers are consumers as well.

You  do  need to  do your research  and target your advertising to the market your branching into.

  • Find out what sort of advertising is available to you  in the given world
  • Find out what kind of competition  you  have in the given  world
  • Find some time to  hang out in the given  worlds. Your presence  will  be noticed by your potential  customers
It really varies what the  new grids are about. Some are community based, some are driven  for commercial use some are mixed. All new grids are based on the open sim platforms. Some  owners have developed their grids  far and beyond that technology and some havent so  much. Some have  their own script engines. InWorldz implemented their own build from bottom up  script engine, Phlox,  and are currently  updating  and fixing bugs on their grid. Plans on implementing the PhysX (NVIDIA) later on this summer. Many  of the grids out there in  the metaverse is still in  beta and make no secret about it. So  that is something you  have to  keep  in  mind. Some things don’t work exactly like your used to  in Second Life. Again do your research, Dont get swayed by fanboys/girls and some of the advertising wars going on  that I’m pretty sure you will  run  into when  researching. Seach the web for bloggers that are what is called grid hoppers. These people spend a lot of time on various grids and each  have their own personal  favorites. Use your own  common sense. Branching out is more than  profit  it’s also about having fun and  meting new people some with  vast amounts of knowledge
I  personally havent  grid hopped much but I try  to  keep  my  ear to the ground as much as I can. I will try to cover some key things to  keep in  mind and look  for when you are looking into  branching out in the virtual world space.
End of part one of the “Hows” and “Whats” … keep  tuned for part two coming soon  covering  things to  look  for when branching out into  the metaverse of virtual worlds and part three covering mostly the  nitty-gritty  “Hows”.
3 Responses to “Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” Part 1”
  1. Ohh great topic and great advice! This was a needed subject!

    • ladysakai says:

      Thanks Dancer.. as I said to Maria my connection is very dodgy atm so part three will have to wait a few days Im affraid. Im waiting on a new modem then hopefully I can stay online. Constanza tried to help out today but the error is with the ISP

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