Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” – Part 3

Part 3 of this thrill. Sorry it took me a bit. Have had connection issues anyways move  on  with the more technical side of  getting out there in the metaverse.





There are different ways of going about this.

Lets assume you  have a full catalog  from  Second Life.

You  can  now choose if you want to  bring everything over to  other virtual worlds or just a selection. I recommend you start out with a selection and then build from there. Offering  the  residents of the new virtual world  that they can  contact you  if they want something specific  available.

So for the  transferring of you  creations:

  1. You can use a viewer to do this. Imprudence is the one  I  belive is the most commonly used other viewers have the capability as well. What to look for is the “Export” . Use the same viewer to  “Export” from Second Life and “Import” to the Virtual World of your choice.
  2. IMPORTANT things to note is:
  • Textures & Sculpt Maps will often  not  export on builds. When you “Import” the build into a virtual world YOU will see the textures and the sculpts will often  look fine as well. This is due to  you  cache on your HD. Clear that and  you will see what others see. So  Textures & Sculpt Maps needs to  be re-aplied to you builds  after  importing
  • IF you’re not the original creator of the textures and/or sculpt maps that you  use you  need to get permission from the original creator(s). See older post I made on the license issues here Please also  do your own  research on the  matter of copyright and license agreements.
different worlds has different policies on the importing so do  your research. In some worlds they  will  give you  credits to  upload / import and other worlds  its free. Many  of the new worlds  out there in the metaverse  have strict  copy-bot rules. Be aware of this and again  read their TOS and policies. If in doubt  contact the owners of the grid to be sure everything is ok.
On the SLM  there is also some Export/Import tools available: “The OtherWorld Duplicator” – Second Inventory (I can’t currently  locate this on SLM)
IMPORTANT: Do be aware that  any export/import  either with  viewer or tools will  ONLY  export the prims not  textures, sculpt maps, scripts, animations etc.
Another  good tip  is to  view  the various virtual worlds forums. There will  often  be  current residents there that  has made  post on  how to export/import and trouble shooting. Often  current residents will  be helpful and happy to  assist with any  questions you  have on  this issue  and if you  are having problems
Links to the InWorldz Forum  on the  Export / Import
Importing  into InWorldz – posts with residents tips and advice
Im having trouble importing – post with  tips and help for problems
Now if you are a skin, clothes, animator, script, texture, sculptmap, creator You  will  have your things saved on your HD  and all you  need to do  is to  upload your items. Scriptors do need to  be aware  what type of scripting languages the  virtual worlds are using (script engines). InWorldz has built their own  script engine, Phlox, and  has done a lot of work  for it to be  as close to 100% compatible with  the LSL.
This should about cover most of the “Hows” & “Whats” for creators
to  branch out into  other  virtual worlds.
If you  have questions or feel  like something is missing  
or have additional  info  you like for these pages to  mention  
your more than welcome to  contact me.
Post a comment with your info and I  will  add it to the  respective pages.
*** Do you  have  a Blog where you cover this also  Id love the  link so I can  post it here as well ***
One Response to “Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” – Part 3”
  1. Great to read more about this – it’s a hot search topic these days! My blog has some similar info at: …however, I’ve been working on a new post, as I’ve had way too many random maps and textures become permanently borked/corrupt in porting process, and have maybe figured out how to work around that issue. Have you had this happen too? Thanks for adding your valuable info, Lady!

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