Breathe The Music – Andy Taylor – Duran Duran – Depeche Mode – SpaceHotel



Anyone that knows me  knows I’m  a Devotee of Duran Duran of nearly  30 years and if you say  Duran Duran  you  have to say  Andy Taylor, there is just no  getting around this little cheeky  Geordie. Andy  lives in Ibiza where he also has a studio. He’s been  rumbling around with  new music and changes to  websites and social media  etc  for a time now. He also  had a health scare some time  back   but  he seems to  be in  fine form  and back  on track.

I received an update from Andy few days back and he included a free track from  his upcoming album he’s currently working on. I’m clapping my  hands and very  excited. He sounds amazing as ever and  does the lyrics on the track as well.

Andy’s words on the track: “I guess it’s is more experimental in terms of it production, I was playing with drum & bass beats vrs guitars – Which I then morphed into real drums, with a kind of electronic casing – Its probably not the most representative piece overall on the album, but I guess significant in terms of direction change. “

Get Visible Target here 

Andy’s Taylors Website “thetaylortank”

Andy Taylors Twitter feed 

Andy Taylor interview with  “gimme-a-wristband”

“Rock on Baby” – We love you Andy  and  you  have our  support  forever! 



Many  of you will have heard /  followed  the  problems Simon (LeBon)  has had with his voice over this summer. The band  was heartbroken  that they  had to  cancel so  many  shows of their  tour  just on  the brink of  the  beginning.

Good news is that Simon  seems to  have recovered. News from  the band is  he’s in  good form and they  just few days back  had a rehearsal session  where Simon  was hitting all  the notes as he should (Roger`s (Taylor, Drummer) words via official  Duran Duran  Twitter). Simon went on  holliday for ten days  after that and we expect him to  return  with  his  voice on  stage and  funny  banter on Twitter real  soon!

Follow updated gigs on  Duran Duran their official  website

“GO CHARLIE GO!” – We are behind you and the guys 110% as always!



This might be old news for some  and new for others. I was aware that Depeche Mode had made an album  containing  remixes of their  music from 1981-2011. I noted that  in  my  mind  and the other day I stumbled upon some of those remixes on YouTube.

Now Depeche Mode hasn’t  been  all  to  lucky  on  their remixes in the past (in my  humble opinion) not their official  ones at any  rate, most of the good stuff is found among the un-official ones. I’m a great admire of remixes (and mash-ups as well). I  do  belive that  Remixers are artists in their own  right, some better than  others, again  its a matter of taste. This time I  have to say  Depeche Mode  struck  gold. I’m  going to  get the album for sure!

Another  piece of  news I  noted through the grapevine was that Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, vocals, chief songwriter after 1981) and Vince Clarke (one of the original  members of Depeche Mode)  was teaming up  to  do  some  project(s). I  havent  digged deeper but  exciting stuff. Vince is definitely  one  of the  great ones in the  Electro  scene. I  will  be keeping my  eye on  it as I  started following  Vince on Twitter and hope he will  throw out  any  news on  there. (He was even  so  sweet to  follow me back, I  sure hope he wont  be regretting that  *winks*). I am at any  rate  excited to  hear what these two  brilliant minds will  cook  up (oh to  be a fly  on  the wall  in that studio!)

Here is a teaser from Depeche Modes own  YouTube  channel

“Your Own  Personal Jesus” (Alex Metric Mix) – TURN  that sucker UP!!

Btw if anyone know  where I can  sell  my  kids to  be able to  mix like this Id be most  grateful (ok only joking..  sorta )

“Kings of Electro” – Depeche mode! 



Now this is a guy  that zoomed onto  my  radar  just today  and  made me sit up and listen.

I became aware of him  as I  saw he had  hit my  follow  button on Twitter. I, for some reason, followed his link to  his YouTube channel (now I  really  really  don’t do  that with  everyone but something made me do  it this time) and I’m really  glad I  did.

His YT channel  says hes in the midst of making his  debut album. Sign  me up  for one!

He is influenced by  (among others):  Duran  Duran (excellent taste*thumbs up*), Mansun, Blur, Supergrass, ELO, The Police, Depeche Mode.

Spacehotel was created in 2000 by Paul Timson (vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizers, production). Paul  is from the UK, again  proving my  point that those islands over there is bursting with  talent! I did try and find  a wiki  on  Paul  but no  luck  on that

I did find a website for Spacehotel and you can  also  find  him on Twitter , Facebook where he offers some free down loads and another Facebook group and he has more links on his YouTube Channel

Here is  a  teaser from Spacehotel – Keep  your eyes, erm ears, on this guy I  got a great  feeling about him!

“Remember us little people  when you  hit the stars”


And that is it from  me this time …… As Simon  says …  Whoooosh

6 Responses to “Breathe The Music – Andy Taylor – Duran Duran – Depeche Mode – SpaceHotel”
  1. Paul Timson says:

    Hi there,

    I stumbled on this on a twitter search and wanted to say thank you for your kind words and having a listen. It’s appreciated. 🙂

    Paul Timson (Spacehotel)

  2. awesome, Your site looks great, I’m glad that i’ve found it – I’ve added it to my favorites

  3. johnnybeane says:

    Andy Taylor is THE MAN!
    Love his solo tracks and am looking forward to his album.

    I like his new music better than the new Duran music.

    • ladysakai says:

      oh the blasphemy Shame on you .. ok Im not really serious. But far as I remember your a guitarist yourself right? So its very understandable 🙂 I do love Andy and he truely an amazing guitarist and sorely missed in Duran Duran by many 🙂

  4. johnnybeane says:

    Hi ladysakai,

    Yup it’s true.
    Andy’s sound makes me wanna play too.
    He’s killer!

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