L.O.V.E – What ?

I’ve been  musing or call it thinking. Well philosophising (um is that even a word?)  Well anyway Philosophy means, roughly translated, “love of wisdom” Yea  and how does this  relate to anything your asking. Heck if I know. I might have an IQ higher than  the average  but that don’t mean I know everything!

Anyway “Love”, I’ve been  pondering. It actually came to  me  this spring (well if you can  call it that, the  first flowers came out of the ground and the air changed  somehow. Is God  sending out LSD in the air I wonder?) I was walking down  from where I  habituate to  the center of town, takes me about roughly 10-15 minutes, and  as I was walking, sniffing this Godly provided LSD, a thought  came into my mind;

“Love, what the hell is that anyway?”

Through centuries there has been written about it in thousand different ways, via poems, lyrics, made  music to evoke the feeling, bards have praised  it, and condemn it. Painters, sculptors, photographers has tried to capture it, or their interpretation of it.

But…. what the hell is it? Like really?

In modern times  science has tried to find it in our body  chemicals. With  semi luck.

People have seemingly, through the ages, died from it! yikes that don’t sound very  pleasant. People have killed for it, even  less nice! Wars have even  been fought in the name of love! How can  any of that be  good?

Yet we seem to crave it? Has God some Master plan  or  does he just let us run amok giving us  drug-induced air  so to keep the population down  in a sorta “natural” way?

Its said that “love” is meant to make you feel  good. Yea if that’s so  how come 99% of the love songs out there are about hurting? Have we got it totally wrong? Did we not get the memo? Did the memo  get buried under a pile  of humans that died in the name of Love?

So the musing started in spring, well  mine did on this specific topic and its now august, summers last leg.  My mind has been  coming back to the “hot” topic  over these months. I myself  had a nasty  break-up (wont touch on that in specifics) and things were said and one  some in defence, some designed to hurt. Is that love?

Once we find out what love  really is, will we embrace it?

Even more baffling is it why some people (if we stick to  love between two people, be it man/woman, woman/woman or man/man) attract us in this mystical way and why some don’t. Why some  “fall in love” with another human being and that human being might not feel  the same.

If in fact we fall in love for procreation why don’t we fall in love with all we meet while we are in  the fertile stage?

Why do we even fall  in love when  we can’t  procreate anymore?

Dont make any  sense whatsoever!

Then ontop of that there is a difference in love. Now we fall in love. That is but a mere  drug induced state thou. You know  where s/he is soooooo wonderful  and we wanna hump each other  24/7, if s/he  speaks twattle  we tend to over look it. Heck in some cases s/he can  torture little kittens and we just sit there smiling  like complete morons.

Once that state is over is where it really  dawns …. Do we love this person  or don’t we? Now the trouble really  starts, well that is if we don’t and they do   or they do and we don’t. Oh boy I’m getting a headache already.

Back to the beginning, why do spring  make us fall in love more than other  seasons….

……and so it continues


8 Responses to “L.O.V.E – What ?”
  1. skylarsmythe says:

    I thought I knew everything about Love… until I fell in love. Then I realized I knew nothing.


  2. Jim Tarber says:

    “And maybe love is letting people be just what they want to be”
    – Howard Jones, from “What Is Love?”

    If you truly love someone, you won’t want them to change. Too many fall in love with what they think someone else is, rather than what they are. And when you do love someone, you will let them be themselves. And you will let them be be happy even if it is not with you. Because you love them that much.


  3. Bradd Laval says:

    Love is nay to ponder but to do. Nay to wonder but to follow through.

  4. Mera says:

    Immature love says; I love you because I need you.
    Mature love says; I need you because I love you.

  5. Leanna says:

    “If in fact we fall in love for procreation why don’t we fall in love with all we meet while we are in the fertile stage?”
    Casanova would argue he was in love with every single woman he ever seduced. Maybe he was.

    On a more serious note, YES! and THIS! @ Howard Jones

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