Stay …

Written in Canada August 10th – 2010

Original work

Laughter floating thru air, dancing on fingertips

taste the honey from the trembling leaves

the bee looks upon you tipping his hat at your hunger

Tread careful feeling the dead under your feet

Is she flirting with your emotions in your loneliness

Take her hand and she will show you the end

Listen to her life descending over centuries

take her kiss pushing you down into the endlessness

Sharing a cup with a beetle in its lair

Hearing toneless music before you hit the ground softly

Close your eyes as she sings you  a lullaby

Never will you  fear seeing the world



This is officially my first poem on “black n white”. Blame Miss Skylar Smythe. She pushed me  out of the poem closet a few weeks back.

I don’t read poems, I never have, Some years back I started writing it, don’t ask  me why. I started  writing in Danish  but one day  sitting on the train listening to a poem  written and  read by  Simon  Lebon (singer from Duran Duran)  I felt an overwhelming urge to go home and  re-write a poem  that I had written  about a personal  experience (another thing I  never do) this time in english. Since then  I can only write poems in english.

I have tried to  write song lyrics as well, so far only  a couple. I find that writing  lyrics are far more challenging that writing  poems.

My  poems are generally  inspired by  words, feelings, sounds, smells. I can  get inspired by lyrics or words I hear in lyrics. I find  it especially  delighting to hear how other  lyricists  write and what they  think, feel when they write.

My  hopes for people  reading  my  poems is that they   get their own sensations and their own images in their minds when reading it. It don’t matter to me what that is as long as they  enjoy it. I don’t know if I will  put more out regually or if  its gonna be a once in a while thing even. Hope you enjoy  either way x

One Response to “Stay …”
  1. Bradd Laval says:

    Lady Sakai, you bardette….

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