Ugly Beautiful

Well  InWorldz is certainly not Second Life. Nor do we really  want it to be. Should  London be  the same as New York? Nah that would be boring, right?

Granted we  might not have that many people online nor the  same amount of content as they  have over yonder. One thing is for sure, most of us know each other or have heard of  him, her and them.

Yesterday  I  held a party  on my  region Sweet Dreamz, more precisely on the nude beach. This is the second party  Ive held over there. It’s really just a gathering of ppl that  can  make it, having fun, socialising, dancing and  music. No  tipping and no  host or dancers or … just plain old fun.

First time around  Jim (Tarber, Grid Monkey) expressed he was a tad bummed out he had missed it so second time around I  IM’ed him  like  crazy and finally  at the eleventh hour he turned up (er something about being busy  in RL or somewhere) Now there was only  Leanna, Kelly and I  left at the beach  when Jim  finally  showed his pixels. Kelly  scooted about half an hour later  while  Leanna , Jim and I  shook  our  booties on the sand.

I might interject that some have indicated that in InWorldz we are ugly, 2006 style and I’m sure they  wanted to  say  fat as well

So I present to you Ladies and Gents of the virtual  Realm

Halo  provided by  Jim ..  Sunglasses provided by Lady, cos Jim said something about thinking  naughty stuff might  make the halo  turn  brighter so I  thought  better safe than  sorry!

I dunno..  I  think we look pretty  smashing if I do say  so  myself.

Over and out. Back to work  I  go

(Location  of picture  is InWorldz, Sweet Dreamz, Public Nude Beach)

15 Responses to “Ugly Beautiful”
  1. Leanna says:

    I would like to point out that I don’t usually go naked in public. *sighs*

  2. Bradd Laval says:

    I would just like to point out Leanna usually strips in public places XD but not for me 😦 …..sulks away…..

  3. Jim Tarber says:

    You… you… EUROPEAN you! I know you folks think it would be just fine to walk down H.C. Andersen Blvd completely nekkid, but…. grrrr! Somebody needs a spankin’ and it’s not me!

    You coulda posted the “bums” pic but noooooo… Or you coulda just talked about it but nooooo…

    EVIL! lol

  4. Jim Tarber says:

    And Bradd, those balls were spaced a lot farther apart than it looks. Mine was half-way between Leanna and Lady, but the anims weren’t in sync. So they were both very safe! And why weren’t you there? Gabi was at work, and very sick this week. She would have loved the party though. Curse these timezones. I suggest we all work on GMT. I like working in the dark.

  5. Mera says:

    @Leanna, @Lady; I hope you notice it wasnt ME blogging this time 😉 i see a bright future for Midsomer with an owner like Lady and a EM like yourself Lea <3<3<3

    @Jim; Yummie you! :]

  6. Leanna says:

    Actually, this should be a regular event. And next time I’ll drag a certain one by the horns to join us, Jim *has* to bring Gabi and then…<.<
    Also, I'd reconsider the spanking, I have a feeling Lady likes it. Hopeless, really.

  7. Bradd Laval says:

    Lady Sakai and her nudist beach sim ‘Sweet Dreams’ includes ladies wiv bits n bobsies and Jim with his schwinging phallus…. Not for the faint hearted, puts his hand on his chest and sez ‘Ooh there goes my dicky ticker’.

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