InWorldz – SecondLife etc etc

You  know what  gets on  my  last nerve these days? People… what a wonderful  world  it would be without them sometimes.

Moan moan, complain complain, me me, I want, why don’t you give me ….

I keep  hearing this: “InWorldz is dead, there is nothing going on…”


Well you  know what … I’ve been  hearing the  EXACT same thing about Second Life the last .. ooh  I  dunno … 2 – 3 years  at LEAST! I  met new people in Second Life all the time and the  same questions over and over and over. “Why  isn’t there  X Y Z at locations  A B C ”

You  know what? How about  not treating  Virtual Worlds as you own  little  playpen? Like a place where people  have to  entertain YOU!

Let me ask you a question, you can  answer or not but do  me a favour ( wont cost you  a dime  thou a little  brain  activity  might be required) and THINK about it ok?

Question: “When  you  wake up  in the morning in your physical  life. Do you approach  people there  in the same manner?”

Get this … Virtual Worlds are NOT .. and I  repeat NOT games. The people in  virtual worlds are NOT there for YOUR  entertainment. The  world does  NOT  revolve around little you,  nor will  it ever. The sooner  you realise that  the happier you  will  be. Trust me on  this, ok ?

Yes I  know one of the  greetings we have in most virtual worlds (at least the ones I’ve encountered)  is the two words “Have fun!” and yes  I do  actually  belive  in that still. BUT that fun  is YOUR  responsibility  NOT  everyone elses!

In InWorldz I have  more to do  than  I  can  keep  up  with … honestly  I  do. I  get notices   several  times a day  about some event going on somewhere and if I’m  bored 99% of the time I can  always  drop by  IDI (InWorldz Desert Island aka first rezzplace) and  chit-chat with  people there all  depending on  time there are usually  someone hanging around. Hey  if not and if a new person  rezzes in to  InWorldz while your standing there try  helping them out.

BUT ..  and  as always in  life there are those  nasty  “buts”. One thing I  have observed is this. The  more you  invest into  a world the more you  get out of it. (No  I’m  not talking about money  investments)

I’ve noticed that when ever I pop back into  SecondLife  (again  of course depending on  the  time) lot of my  friends list is shrinking. Meaning I’m not seeing  as many  friends online in SecondLife anymore as I  used to. When I  go  to  SecondLife it’s often  to   grab something or pay something. Now and then I   say  hi to someone on  my list and we  natter for a bit. You  know  “so whats  new with  you  in SecondLife – So whats new with you  in InWorldz” Like  proper conversation you would have   with a friend in the physical  realm  if they  had moved to  a different  city  or different country. Not much  different.

Now I’m  not anti SecondLife, far from it actually, I  love the  original concept of SecondLife and I  wish  LindenLab would  see sense and get back to  their roots. Back to  what attracted  people to  SecondLife and  the concepts of Virtual Worlds in  the first place.

So  do  me a huge favour – yea here I  go agin  with  my  favours but it still  wont  cost you a dime and it will  save me from  loads of headaches so Id really  appreciate it – Bloody  well  get over yourself and start participating in the world(s) you’re in and if not  stop  bloody  whining about it, ok? Then  you  might  not be the type that  gets enriched by  virtual worlds so  go  play  some online game instead and stop  bitching about  virtual worlds not being to  YOUR liking!

* We thank you  for your attention and will  now attempt to resume our course into the  unknown*

(pst cos we actually  like that)

4 Responses to “InWorldz – SecondLife etc etc”
  1. Mera says:

    I agree. I heard a lot of stuff like this too. And you know what? I have calmly adviced them to leave virtual worlds and try something else. I promise they get stunned :)) Try it next time 🙂 Theses worlds are not for all ppl thats a fact. Go play farmville duuh! 😉

  2. annaloom says:

    You have made your point so well Lady S – I found myself agreeing with you on each and every statement.
    I have an underlying hatred of the moaners of the real world and virtual worlds – we live ONE life (including our virtual lives) – let us all make the most of the happiness that can be found here.
    We give so that we may receive!

  3. I’m so glad you wrote this, Lady! I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for putting my thoughts into words!!

    • 01time says:

      There is many things going on Inworldz it is the finest thought out grid there is I look at the code I see why I see the types of servers it is all well done. I love inworldz LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. That Said there is a growing pain it is getting better when the founders learn you cant Give a huge amount of power to one avi and say go use our four grids raise money and have events. WHY would any one In there right mine give one AVI this power to compete against new places and markets coming in.

      There is wonderful People in there that spent a ton of money to bring people over from other grids and raise money for toys for tots.
      I was told that was horrible that 21 venders and 20 snow man builders came there to have fun and donate.
      I asked how come it was bad. This oh so powerful AVI said It competed with the Toys for Tots event. At the Time of the end of their event it had raised 10 percent of the revenue for toys for tots and the hurricane Sandy relief fund soared.

      This oh Mighty AVI told me that it was wrong to have these 24 venders and 20 snow man builders to use The Marine Corp charity Toys for Tots name at there event.
      Growing pains you see the List of booked performers and venders was handed to one of the founders let them know what was up. in the first week of November.!

      If the founders want to have a event rezz your self down and do it but people do not like to be micro managed and it only turns the customer away.

      In the defense of the founders.

      They the people that sat on a lonely cold round blob in the beginning and worked so hard to expand I say you are the best and as all parents it is hard to see a beautiful child grow and let them go mature.

      I have lost to many good Clients in Inworldz here and SL do to Micro management
      And a Glitch in the simulator that kicks people out of a group never was in the code or Tranq would have addressed it to me and the people.

      The powerful AVI I am talking about is not the EC (Inworldz Events Coordinator ) How would I ever know that Avatar was made by the founders and given the power . I say to the EC good job hang in there and good luck.

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