“My Stuffz Isnt Selling!!”

*kicks imaginary  cat and  sulks*

Did you read my  last post of people complaining about InWorldz (and as always SecondLife) being dead? Mhm this relates to  the same issue. Only  this time its  the designer/creator/merchant that is doing the complaining.

Enter the above: “My stuff isnt selling. InWorldz is dead not worth  bothering with” or “My stuff sells great in SecondLife but no one wants it in InWorldz”

Translation: “My stuff is awsomesauce and  its just cos  InWorldz dead”

Ooookay, so your stuff is the beesknees and absolutely fabu. Your not selling  in InWorldz but your selling in SecondLife. Aha, very  interesting. Let me throw out a few  ideas see how they grab ya.

1. Advertising, how much do you do  of that?

2. How present are you  in InWorldz?

3. Whos your competitors in InWorldz?

4. Quality, avalability, price?

See commerce in  InWorldz is much different from SecondLife. Why? well why  is CocaCola using different advertising tactics in various countries? Why  are  MacDonalds not seeling the  exact same  burgers in all  countries?

Answer: Because different countries has different cultures (rather squarely  put  but this isnt a lesson  in  busisness 101 so  Ill  leave it at that cos it sorta fits well)

Now InWorldz isnt SecondLife – “Yes we knooooow that alreeady   stop  harping on  about it now” Nope I wont cos obviously  you  havent gotten  it yet!

Now the poulation in InWorldz consists of roughly 95% creators, designers, builders and Lease Merchants (people that have  gotten the rights to  sell other designers  brand in InWorldz) These people are smart shoppers. Now take a note of that if you please.

Another point is this; Inworldz is a small  community  still, its growing but its slow growth (for various reasons  I wont  get into  here maybe later). The online / active  residents  has  steadily   grown  to 200 –  300 people mainly at peak  hours which  is around 12 pm IWT (same as SLT)

Now I  know for a fact that some creators  do  well in InWorldz some even  very  well  considering the age and the  active population of InWorldz. Some creators manage to  earn enough in InWorldz to  be able to  pay  for their expenses both  in InWorldz and SecondLife. That really  isnt to  shabby  if you ask  me.

Here is my  firm  conviction,  feel  free to  prove me wrong.

InWorldz isnt  prime  for  high profit  ventures or infact in some cases even normal  profit business.

Again  as the last post indicates  you  need to  be in the world you sell in. If not it will  go  stale and  no one wants stale cookies.

Look into the world your going to expand into or even  start a business in. The worst mistake you  can  make  is the following:

1. Think your name can  get you  sales. This is rare indeed. Be inovativ. Listen  to  your customer base,  chat with  people .. be aware

2. Think  that InWorldz is the same as Second Life. It might look  familiar and the interface might be  almost identical  but the  world? Not so much. Get  your butt out there while the  world is stil  young!

3. Forgetting that this is a new virtual world, with  new people and new  ideals and  hopes

4. Plonking your stuff in a store and walking away  focussing on  Second Life or  indeed other worlds. Most people in InWorldz are in  still  in  Second Life and  also  other worlds. They  observe and  watch.

5. Not scaling your prices to  match  the inworld economy. This goes for all  worlds. Dont be greedy cos that will  get picked up  real  fast and  you  might be the only  one on the market … but dont blink  cos compertition  is right around the corner!

6. Refusal  to  participate in the inworld life. Bad idea.  half your  advertising  comes form   being social and active  and honestly  helping others. Your name wil  be noticed … or not as the case may be.

So no, InWorldz isnt dead. But your business strategy  might be.

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(do you  have a good  blog post  that covers  this topic and  is helpfull let me know Id be glad to  put it up here 🙂 )



13 Responses to ““My Stuffz Isnt Selling!!””
  1. Heavenly says:

    YAY!!! Lady you nailed exactly what I have been explaining to many…Great blog!!!

  2. Johnny Night says:

    I’ve heard the same in Second Life as well. Business in virtual worlds is anything but easy and it’s not easy to admit when we’re mistaken. We’ve had a few topics on OutOfWorld about this subject. One in particular stands out.

  3. Actually I’m surprised this one’s still coming up.

    There was a big kerfluffle awhile ago that I was smack in the middle of where I criticized several “big names” for (a) thinking their names would earn them special privilege, and (b) thinking they had the right to double their prices because you got more Iz for your dollar.

    *sigh* I guess there are still a lot of people who “don’t get it”, huh?

    I’ll have to look for the posts I made so you can see just how far back this discussion really goes.


    • ladysakai says:

      Hi Marie!
      Yea a lot still do not get it … and mind you not only the “names” but also smaller stores names and Ive seen totally unknown names complain as well.
      Thanks for the links hopefully people will see this and pick up a few pointers.
      One other thing I have noticed that makes me uncomfetable is that I sometime talk to creators/designers coming in and i try to give them suggestions and advice … some even being on other worlds than SL and IW but its like they dont want to hear it and it sadens me cos I like to see the richness flourish in IW (and not only in IW)
      Some really double their price in IW (other worldz) and wonder why they arent selling? *face palm epic*

  4. Thanks for this one too, Lady! I couldn’t say it better! …for your consideration, a few tips on virtual sales can be found here: http://wp.me/p1fte0-44 “A Grid Business For You?”

    Keep up your awesome writing!

  5. Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This sort of whining seems to be cyclical.. I hear a bunch, then none, then it returns. I continue to find a steady stream of biz in both worlds. For further reading, consider “Has Your InWorldz Peaked?” – written this past summer: http://wp.me/p1fte0-8v

    I’m always sorry when people leave a virtual world disappointed – however, who raised their hopes/sights so high to begin with? I’m such a fan of Realistic Expectations!

    Always a pleasure to ready your posts Lady!

  7. I agree, and I know this is an old post, lol but still very relevant. We need to put effort in whatever we’re doing to be noticed. I look forward into bringing my shop into inworldz, and that means i’ll need to double my dedication..

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