Twitter … Skitter … Quitter …erm

First off making it as clear as possible … Below post is not a Drama monger attempt, nor is it a pity attempt.

I could try to explain on Twitter but 140 characters is not enough.

Some of the people I follow on Twitter will see that I  have un-followed them. Reason is simple. The stream  has currently become a bit too much and I find myself  focussing too much on following.

Few people know what  is on  my  plate and this is very  intentional. I  don’t have the need to  stand on a hill-top shouting  how much  I  hurt or how busy  I  am  or how unfair life is. I use my friends  for that and that’s not even  a sure thing. My problems or lack of same, are mine and the more personal they are  the  more tight-lipped I  get. I  talk a lot so  I  guess some people think  they  know me, and bless them for that but  extremely  few has my  full  confidence and even  those people  wont ever get the full picture. My  choice and so it will  stay.

I need to scale down  from idle chatter. I’m fully  aware I’m  as bad as anyone when it comes to  bla-bla-bla-chat. I tend to  be a very  social person so sometimes I fall for the temptation.

So this means that I have to un-follow some people on Twitter.

Again this is not a drama look-at-me etc etc attempt. Just the opposite, it’s an attempt to strangle the drama before it hits the sphere.

3 Responses to “Twitter … Skitter … Quitter …erm”
  1. OnlyAlexHayden says:

    Morning Lady S

    I see from my Twitter feed that I would appear to be one of those that you have unfollowed. And do you know what? I totally respect your decision. I’m not going to throw a hussy fit, I’m not going to unfollow you (at least not yet 🙂 ) and I will acknowledge you if we meet in Second Life or Inworldz.

    I am however going to reflect on your thoughts about idle chatter and how others see it.

    See you round the grid (or grids)


    • ladysakai says:

      Morning Alex
      Who ever is un-folowed has no reflection on personalities. In fact I also unfollowed ppl that didnt chat as much. Twitter just has become a wheight that needed to get slimmed down. At least for a while.
      I can tell you more often than not, when speaking about chatter, that some days I could look away for 2-4-6-8 hours and suddently there would be 100-150 tweets. Most of them was non relevant to me, making it a task to weed thru just to check what was relevant or not >.<

      • Jim Tarber says:

        I’m in the same state; I guess this is what Twitter lists are for but I recently unfollowed a few people who I thought were either not relevant to me often enough, or just too high volume. There were a bunch of reasons, and in an ideal world with more time to read Twitter, I would not have unfollowed them. But reading Twitter is not my full-time job, and so I have to ration which distractions I allow to occupy my time. But I think this is just part of the renewal process that must occur every now and then if a Twitter user wishes to remain an active Twitter user. So no worries.

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