Little Me

Born during a very hot summer. So Ive been told.

Zodiac = Cancer.

Of old viking strain and proud  of it.


History buff. One of my fav things to do  when growing up was to visit museums.

Book Lover.

Foodie, cooking, eating and talking bout food.

Non-Tech Geek

Sci-Fi lover

Mum of two boys with autism & ADHD. Very well versed in the realms of autism

Artistic to a certain degree, Drawing, claymoddeling, poetry (I write I dont read it weirdly enough)

Breathes Music. Duranie with heart & soul

Semi Trilingual.


Deff not a book  you can  judge by  its cover. What you see is what you get but be prepared that the visual can  change in a heartbeat.

Ever Changing – Staying Original

Took first step in a virtual world october 5th 2006 as Lady Sakai. Ive often  been asked “Why Sakai?” and honestly I dont know. I  think at the time  I thought it sounded good. I have no ties to  any asian nor am I  very  versed in asian culture nor history.

My first venture in virtuallity was in a now well know place called Second Life.

I ran some Estates, a historical club the Rum Runner (named and designed after the club in Birmingham UK where Duran Duran  has their roots. Its closed and  torn down  now), a small brand with  prim clothing and other clothing effects called BLEND.

October 4th 2010 I moved to InWorldz and rapidly became at home. There I now have one region called Sweet Dreamz. My former manager Nickki Romano came over and I  offered her a bit of land to set up her InWorldz outlet of her Second Life store. My long time SL and RL friend  Taylor Mirrikh (SL) / Tay Haven (IW) came over and loved it so  much she  started a texture  store exclusiv to  IW. Her store is also located at Sweet Dreamz.

Looks like Im stuck in the virtual life  …

The story continues ….

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