Breathe The Music – Andy Taylor – Duran Duran – Depeche Mode – SpaceHotel

UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS ANDY TAYLOR: Anyone that knows me  knows I’m  a Devotee of Duran Duran of nearly  30 years and if you say  Duran Duran  you  have to say  Andy Taylor, there is just no  getting around this little cheeky  Geordie. Andy  lives … Continue reading

SL Duran Day 1 of DrLama

oh  well..  guess it was a bit too much to expect that the DrLama aka Durama would not rear its ugly head  .. but hope springs eternal as they  say. Day1: (I sure hope this isn’t gonna be one of those lame  journals phew) Had a naughty (ok maybe not  naughty) date with JoJa Dhara … Continue reading

Duran Duran Universe in Second Life ??

As some might know Duran Duran  has four regions on the Second Life grid. They  have been there since  summer 2006 and visible since November / December 2006. They invited their Duranies (pet name for their fans) to join them within this virtual  universe. Well  Nick  was the official inviter  but Roger, John and Simon  … Continue reading

Duran Duran in Limbo

Now  any one that knows the boys  will  know how devoted they are to  their fans. They will  also  know that  these guys  work  hard  and are musicians  to  the bone. Few weeks back   they were meant to  start their UK tour. Sadly that was not to  be. Simon  caught a nasty  laryngitis. Now to  … Continue reading

“All You Need Is … “Safe”

Woooooo …. number four … “Safe (in the heat of the moment)” … Johns (disco)words here: Wauw disco updated, upgrade, .. no …  I  have it .. Disco  PERFECTED! Oh damn if the bomb does drop while  Safe is playing we dont need much more.  Introducing the lovely Miss Ana from Scissor Sisters.  Perfect  … Continue reading

“All You Need Is … “Leave a light on”

Thirdly …. “Leave a light on” .. Johns words here: Quote “Ambiguous, sensitive, both a little dirty and somewhat moral” Oh yes, first prize goes to the  sexay man with the hammer on  nail!  Lyrics and music both, are powerfull, sensual, silky-smooth. Teary eyed  for other reasons but tears are there. This is the … Continue reading

“All You Need Is … “Being Followed”

Second on the list is …. “Being Followed” … Johns  words here; Initially sounds like Nick  vent balistic  with  his cam  or something got stuck … Nice intro and  makes you  perk your ears cos its sounds  different, Duran  is  known for the  different  sound, dontcha know *winks*  now the russian feel  I dont … Continue reading

“All You Need is … to “Blame the Machines”

Inspred by John Taylors blog and the fact I got the  iTune album dl Im gonna  attemp giving  a review on  each  song. Step by step  down the list Soooooooooo here gooooooooes …. Heads up,  a Duranie review of … : “Blame the Machines” First off Johns words; You need to  read  as some … Continue reading

“All You Need Is Now”

OOOO.MMMM.GGGG finally finally  its here and as an early pressie from the boys  its  FREE !! ..  yea  you  heard me ..  FREE dl on iTunes  so  there is no excuse for  not getting it .. and if you for one sec think  you  know  Duran  think again. The boys  pulled another magic rabbit  out … Continue reading

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