Please Save Our Privacy – Meh

Spin off from last post about the addition to the TPV policies. I hear a lot  oh “Hurrah” around the online status. Now Linden Lab  will  by next week  effectively break any  possibility to circumvent  any setting  regarding online status. Many  people happy – Everything is good …. or … is it? There are some … Continue reading

Third Party Viewer New Policies …or …

… Who is left on Linden Lab`s Who-To-Fuck-Over list… So  as many  might  know by  now Linden Lab has come out with additions to  the  current  policy that any  Third Party Viewer – TPV – has to follow for them to  be on  Linden  Lab`s official  list of allowed viewers in  the Second Life virtual … Continue reading

“My Stuffz Isnt Selling!!”

*kicks imaginary  cat and  sulks* Did you read my  last post of people complaining about InWorldz (and as always SecondLife) being dead? Mhm this relates to  the same issue. Only  this time its  the designer/creator/merchant that is doing the complaining. Enter the above: “My stuff isnt selling. InWorldz is dead not worth  bothering with” or … Continue reading

InWorldz – SecondLife etc etc

You  know what  gets on  my  last nerve these days? People… what a wonderful  world  it would be without them sometimes. Moan moan, complain complain, me me, I want, why don’t you give me …. I keep  hearing this: “InWorldz is dead, there is nothing going on…” *sighs* Well you  know what … I’ve been … Continue reading


Last few weeks the  cries have gotten  louder and louder and ppl are  complaining and  moaning and  even  leaving InWorldz cos  … Heck, the Founders are  just wasting our time and money  and  they keep postponing the  new physics engine. Now you all  know I’m  NOT  tech minded and Tranquility , bless his geek mind, … Continue reading

Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” – Part 3

Part 3 of this thrill. Sorry it took me a bit. Have had connection issues anyways move  on  with the more technical side of  getting out there in the metaverse. *************** PART 1 PART 2 *************** There are different ways of going about this. Lets assume you  have a full catalog  from  Second Life. You … Continue reading

Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” – Part 2

Moving swiftly on with part two  of this thrilling saga 😉 We left the tale just after explaining what  the new grids are about and why you should bother with expanding out from Second Life. In part two I will cover some of the key  things to  look for  and be aware of  out there … Continue reading

Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” Part 1

After some pondering I thought Id give a short tutorial in the “Hows” and “Whats” when it comes to  branching out in other virtual worlds if your running a business / store in Second Life. This is mainly for  content  creators that are interested in branching out into  some of the new grids out there … Continue reading

Extended License Nightmare or “The Joys of Moving to other grids from long time SL use”

So here we are  4½ years after I joined Second Life and  approximately 6 months after moving  out from Second Life. Now I have a lot of textures, sculpts, PSD files that I bought in my time  in Second Life. 4½ years is a long time and I like to support other creators as well … Continue reading

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