Twitter … Skitter … Quitter …erm

First off making it as clear as possible … Below post is not a Drama monger attempt, nor is it a pity attempt. I could try to explain on Twitter but 140 characters is not enough. Some of the people I follow on Twitter will see that I  have un-followed them. Reason is simple. The stream … Continue reading

Going Black

Some of you might have heard that  some sites are  shutting down  on the 18th of january 2012 in protest to the SOPA & PIPA in America Some might think, if they don’t live in America it wont affect them. The internet is international, it will affect us all. Censorship is bad, there is no … Continue reading

2012 – New Year, New Stuffz

So we got 2012. The year that  will end the world .. well  according to  people who  still blame the Mayans for not finding a stone that was  big enough. Silly when you  think about it. The world will  end  when it ends, end off. 2012 – What will  it bring? First of all I’m … Continue reading

Breathe The Music – Andy Taylor – Duran Duran – Depeche Mode – SpaceHotel

UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS ANDY TAYLOR: Anyone that knows me  knows I’m  a Devotee of Duran Duran of nearly  30 years and if you say  Duran Duran  you  have to say  Andy Taylor, there is just no  getting around this little cheeky  Geordie. Andy  lives … Continue reading

SL Duran Day 1 of DrLama

oh  well..  guess it was a bit too much to expect that the DrLama aka Durama would not rear its ugly head  .. but hope springs eternal as they  say. Day1: (I sure hope this isn’t gonna be one of those lame  journals phew) Had a naughty (ok maybe not  naughty) date with JoJa Dhara … Continue reading

Sooo its news

Looks like Ive beaten  most of the tech stuff… things moving along. So  much for layout and general boring  things. New things may  appear or dissapear, some on purpose and some not as I click  the buttons  without a clue. So withour any further ramblings ooOOoo Drumroll if you please ooOOoo Heres the newest member … Continue reading

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