Ugly Beautiful

Well  InWorldz is certainly not Second Life. Nor do we really  want it to be. Should  London be  the same as New York? Nah that would be boring, right? Granted we  might not have that many people online nor the  same amount of content as they  have over yonder. One thing is for sure, most … Continue reading

Stay …

Written in Canada August 10th – 2010 Original work Laughter floating thru air, dancing on fingertips taste the honey from the trembling leaves the bee looks upon you tipping his hat at your hunger Tread careful feeling the dead under your feet Is she flirting with your emotions in your loneliness Take her hand and … Continue reading

L.O.V.E – What ?

I’ve been  musing or call it thinking. Well philosophising (um is that even a word?)  Well anyway Philosophy means, roughly translated, “love of wisdom” Yea  and how does this  relate to anything your asking. Heck if I know. I might have an IQ higher than  the average  but that don’t mean I know everything! Anyway … Continue reading

Breathe The Music – Andy Taylor – Duran Duran – Depeche Mode – SpaceHotel

UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS ANDY TAYLOR: Anyone that knows me  knows I’m  a Devotee of Duran Duran of nearly  30 years and if you say  Duran Duran  you  have to say  Andy Taylor, there is just no  getting around this little cheeky  Geordie. Andy  lives … Continue reading

Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” – Part 3

Part 3 of this thrill. Sorry it took me a bit. Have had connection issues anyways move  on  with the more technical side of  getting out there in the metaverse. *************** PART 1 PART 2 *************** There are different ways of going about this. Lets assume you  have a full catalog  from  Second Life. You … Continue reading

So You Think You Got Balls?

yea don’t read on if your easily  offended … No  Seriously  Stop  if you are politically correct or  have a lack of humour  … and do  not come crying to  me if  you  still  read on .. So Miss Couldbe Yue thew me a gauntlet and I,  being  The Lady,  had to go and pick … Continue reading

Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” – Part 2

Moving swiftly on with part two  of this thrilling saga 😉 We left the tale just after explaining what  the new grids are about and why you should bother with expanding out from Second Life. In part two I will cover some of the key  things to  look for  and be aware of  out there … Continue reading

Branching out in Virtual Worlds – The “Hows” and “Whats” Part 1

After some pondering I thought Id give a short tutorial in the “Hows” and “Whats” when it comes to  branching out in other virtual worlds if your running a business / store in Second Life. This is mainly for  content  creators that are interested in branching out into  some of the new grids out there … Continue reading

SL Duran Day 1 of DrLama

oh  well..  guess it was a bit too much to expect that the DrLama aka Durama would not rear its ugly head  .. but hope springs eternal as they  say. Day1: (I sure hope this isn’t gonna be one of those lame  journals phew) Had a naughty (ok maybe not  naughty) date with JoJa Dhara … Continue reading

Duran Duran Universe in Second Life ??

As some might know Duran Duran  has four regions on the Second Life grid. They  have been there since  summer 2006 and visible since November / December 2006. They invited their Duranies (pet name for their fans) to join them within this virtual  universe. Well  Nick  was the official inviter  but Roger, John and Simon  … Continue reading

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