Stay …

Written in Canada August 10th – 2010 Original work Laughter floating thru air, dancing on fingertips taste the honey from the trembling leaves the bee looks upon you tipping his hat at your hunger Tread careful feeling the dead under your feet Is she flirting with your emotions in your loneliness Take her hand and … Continue reading

Breathe The Music – Andy Taylor – Duran Duran – Depeche Mode – SpaceHotel

UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS – UPDATE TIME – NEWS ANDY TAYLOR: Anyone that knows me  knows I’m  a Devotee of Duran Duran of nearly  30 years and if you say  Duran Duran  you  have to say  Andy Taylor, there is just no  getting around this little cheeky  Geordie. Andy  lives … Continue reading

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