Please Save Our Privacy – Meh

Spin off from last post about the addition to the TPV policies.

I hear a lot  oh “Hurrah” around the online status. Now Linden Lab  will  by next week  effectively break any  possibility to circumvent  any setting  regarding online status. Many  people happy – Everything is good …. or … is it?

There are some gadgets in virtual worlds that will  show their owner online. I  remember when I  started most of them  were really  simple round balls that glowed green  for online and  red  for  offline. You rezzed one out where you  wanted it and  it  connected  to your  status. Easy and practical.

Why  practical? See a virtual world is a 24/7 deal. If you  have a business of any  kind it might be a good idea to  have such a gadget out in  your store, office, club ect. You  know so your ( potential )  customers can  see if your online and  IM (message) you  if they  have a question, problem or other. Makes for good CS (customer service) I’m sure most people will  agree.

Today  these balls have evolved. Various boards are now common thing in  clubs, stores, malls, offices and so on. They  are used  by club owners for them self and their staff, by store owners to show their customers why the owner of the store is and  if they are online (many  stores have managers as well) , by Estate owners in  their offices  again  for them self and their managers, by Escorts so their potential  customers can  see who  is online and often  also  get a handy  note card on  their services. The list is endless. Even  “just” normal  persons have them in  their homes in  various styles.

Next week  this is over. ALL of these gadgets will  be broken. Lot of people wont even  know about this change until its to  late. Merchants will  be swamped by people complaining and wanting their money  back because they  now have a completely useless item  in their inventory. The merchants have sold these gadget over many, many  years and of course don’t have the money  any more. The money  is spent on land, rent, textures etc,  what ever they  need to  live and work in a virtual  world.

But ..  this is good.. yes?


Above I listed the  most commonly known use of this function of detecting online / offline status. I was just browsing the  Second Life  Merchant forum and  Zanara Zenovka listed in one of her comment  an  even  longer list that makes use of this

  •  gift vendors
  • bot systems
  • staff boards
  • staff time clocks
  • ad boards
  • tip jars
  • gift boxes
  • delivery gadgets
  • RP systems


But we are still in  agreement that this is a good thing that  Linden  Lab  is  gonna break  this code..  right ? (Just making sure)

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