Twitter … Skitter … Quitter …erm

First off making it as clear as possible … Below post is not a Drama monger attempt, nor is it a pity attempt. I could try to explain on Twitter but 140 characters is not enough. Some of the people I follow on Twitter will see that I  have un-followed them. Reason is simple. The stream … Continue reading

Going Black

Some of you might have heard that  some sites are  shutting down  on the 18th of january 2012 in protest to the SOPA & PIPA in America Some might think, if they don’t live in America it wont affect them. The internet is international, it will affect us all. Censorship is bad, there is no … Continue reading

2012 – New Year, New Stuffz

So we got 2012. The year that  will end the world .. well  according to  people who  still blame the Mayans for not finding a stone that was  big enough. Silly when you  think about it. The world will  end  when it ends, end off. 2012 – What will  it bring? First of all I’m … Continue reading

“My Stuffz Isnt Selling!!”

*kicks imaginary  cat and  sulks* Did you read my  last post of people complaining about InWorldz (and as always SecondLife) being dead? Mhm this relates to  the same issue. Only  this time its  the designer/creator/merchant that is doing the complaining. Enter the above: “My stuff isnt selling. InWorldz is dead not worth  bothering with” or … Continue reading

InWorldz – SecondLife etc etc

You  know what  gets on  my  last nerve these days? People… what a wonderful  world  it would be without them sometimes. Moan moan, complain complain, me me, I want, why don’t you give me …. I keep  hearing this: “InWorldz is dead, there is nothing going on…” *sighs* Well you  know what … I’ve been … Continue reading


Last few weeks the  cries have gotten  louder and louder and ppl are  complaining and  moaning and  even  leaving InWorldz cos  … Heck, the Founders are  just wasting our time and money  and  they keep postponing the  new physics engine. Now you all  know I’m  NOT  tech minded and Tranquility , bless his geek mind, … Continue reading

L.O.V.E – What ?

I’ve been  musing or call it thinking. Well philosophising (um is that even a word?)  Well anyway Philosophy means, roughly translated, “love of wisdom” Yea  and how does this  relate to anything your asking. Heck if I know. I might have an IQ higher than  the average  but that don’t mean I know everything! Anyway … Continue reading

So You Think You Got Balls?

yea don’t read on if your easily  offended … No  Seriously  Stop  if you are politically correct or  have a lack of humour  … and do  not come crying to  me if  you  still  read on .. So Miss Couldbe Yue thew me a gauntlet and I,  being  The Lady,  had to go and pick … Continue reading

Privacy Tit-for-Tat

Something struck me  this morning reading a forum post on InWorldz. They  were debating a like/dislike button function on the forum and the topic about if you should be able to see who  Liked/Disliked. Now this  comes down to privacy and privacy  has been a hot topic  this last 6 months – 1 year. Privacy  … Continue reading


Excuse me if I look confused. First blog on a new page in a new site on a new day … Phew! So Ive been thinking of this for a while and  I guess this is as good a day as any to  start this  stange creature know as a blog. Who am I? Everything … Continue reading

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