Oh That Old Lagging Feeling

Lag lag lag … sing that lag song. Don`t you  just hate  when you cant move. When it takes you, what feels like, an eternity to walk around a store?

Living in a virtual world is not as straight forward as  playing a game online, ods are that it never will  be.

I resently was given a link to a website that covers the  three cardinal lag points.

  • Server
  • Client (meaning viewer/computer)
  • Network

Its a good read that everyone who enters a virtual world should read

“Lag in  OpenSim and Second Life, and how to deal with it”

One Response to “Oh That Old Lagging Feeling”
  1. Vanish says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m glad you found the tutorial useful, I was afraid I’ve been a little too patronizing.

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