TPV Me Baby

Short intro:

TPV stands for Third Party Viewer.

First started as alternativs to the  standard Second Life viewer offered by Linden Lab.

Today there is many  different  TPVs many  specialised  for specific use  and frankly  a bit of a jungle to  navigate around. Some weeks back  I  came across a website that offered a list  of the different TPVs. Please do note that not all  of them are  approved by Linden Lab. When it comes to  OS grids best to check with their policies first before using  the more  less known  viewers on the list.

I will say  that this list  from the Builders Brewery website is one of the most straightforward TPV list,  I’ve seen in  my  5½ years of virtual  living.

Some bloggers  do a lot of work  on  investigating TPVs and their usability and  different  nick nacks they  offer. Inara Pey is one of them. She does tend to  cover mainly  Second Life  but if you’re an  OS user and can  abstract from  the  Second Life  blogging  she  is very  competent and thorough in  her  TPV reviews.

So without any  further ado:

Builders Brewery – Third Party Viewer Overview for Second Life and OpenSim

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