2012 – New Year, New Stuffz

So we got 2012. The year that  will end the world .. well  according to  people who  still blame the Mayans for not finding a stone that was  big enough. Silly when you  think about it. The world will  end  when it ends, end off.

2012 – What will  it bring? First of all I’m starting to find this  new years nonsense  boring and  maybe its really  just an excuse for getting drunk. I’m Danish, we don’t need excuses. We can  get drunk at any time of the year.

Ok .. 2012 …Lets see if we can  make a list. Really don’t like doing it cos  I should be de-stressing and not making a list that just grows and grows and the more it grows the more stress I  get and the less will be done  which in turn  makes the list grow even longer ..  aaaand … *sighs*

Yea yea I’m  rambling, when do  I  not?

Ok .. InWorldz is looking at a very  very  busy  year and Tranquillity announced just  a few days before the end of the year a new addition to InWorldz ….. Voice …. TaDaaa!

Yes InWorldz will have voice coming next year. Its being tested on  the beta grid. Also  testing on the beta grid is the newly coded Alpha, Tattoo and Physics layers brought to us by  our grid monkey Jim Tarber now his move and  the holidays are over. He is currently  trying to  fix it so  any  viewers that don’t have the physics coding wont see ppl  as a cloud. Of course the  Big Stuffz of InWorldz will see the light of day  in  the new  year, namely new inventory  system  and  physics so  people can  use flying, sailing,  driving  and so  on. Those biggies sort under  Tranquillity  and Jim  will  run around like a good little monkey and pick up  the  bugs  crawling around the grid. He just fixed the  attachment bug again (its one stubborn  bug if I  ever saw one) Now please remember when I  mention  bugs being fixed it don’t mean  that it on the main grid as yet. As I  understand it  the  Layers & attachment fixes will be rolled out in a week  or two along with the inventory  system.

So  InWorldz list looks something like this:

  • Voice
  • Physics
  • Inventory system
  • Bug fixing including the soon coming Alpha, Tattoo, Physics (bouncing bits) & attachment fix

Now those are the stuff coming for  the first months of 2012. Once  the big stuff like the Inventory  and physics is rolled out and  debugged  time will come for  further stabilising and  bug hunting on the grid. Oh and did I  mention … I  do  belive we have a new monkey on the team. Now I  didn’t ask  Tranquillity  cos  lets face it when I talk  to  him  I don’t grill him for details 🙂 But his comments on  Twitter leave me to  conclude that a new monkey  is soon  to  be found roaming the grid.

Second Life is forging ahead with their own stuff. Like gamifying (ok  that’s my  interpretation) the world. I have to say  I  do  like Rodvik but as far as “getting” Second Life, I always had my  doubts and those doubts  seems to  be confirmed as months passes. Its been a year and  Second Life don’t seem  to  be more stable rather the opposite. The Mesh  Linden Lab  introduced in 2011 was a flop and residents had to  go and hire an  ex-Linden to  come and  fix it. Yes I’ve lost faith  in Linden Lab and SecondLife as a whole. Sad but Linden Lab seems  like a train  just driving off the tracks and not seeing it, or maybe not caring if they do. Rodviks “speech” blog  left a lot to  be desired and was  in  my  opinion just some  wishy-washy stuff that wont entice anyone that has left Second life to  come  back  or  for those still in  the world to  invest further. To  be brutally  honest I  could  sit and dissect the blog from Rodvik  but even that I  can’t be bothered with, maybe later  maybe not.

Other grids in the metaverse seems to  be chucking along. I  havent noticed any  big  news from Avination, 3rd Rock, OSGrid. Granted I  havent been  looking either. A few new kids on the block is popping up here and there but that is about it. Oh feel  free to  add anything in  the comments remember to  include links.

Out in the Physical World lots of things going on.

I’m expanding my  therapy, changing school, looking at starting serious studies after summer, looking for a house to rent cos living where we are now is driving me bonkers, few trips planned to  england … Thats about it.

Hope you all  have a great 2012.. Im suppose to  say  that  but really just have a great life, do no  harm and work for a better life for you and others.

[insert some fireworks and etc here]

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